Attack on Ahmadis was a conspiracy: MTKN

Leaders of religious organisations said that the Lahore attacks were a conspiracy to repeal laws against Ahmadis.

June 09, 2010

LAHORE: Leaders of Muttahida Tehrik-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwat said on Wednesday that Lahore attacks were a conspiracy to repeal laws against Ahmadis, reported BBC Urdu.

Maulana Zahidul Rashdi, founding member of the organisation, read a joint statement at the meeting’s conclusion that said that the attack on Ahmadis is being used to create suspicions about the concept of Khatm-e-Nabuwat i.e.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) being the last prophet.

The meeting that took place in Muslim Town, Lahore, included members of 13 religious and political organistations including JUI-F, Jamaat-ud-Dawa and 11 others.

Just a few days back, religious leaders had shown their contempt for Nawaz Sharif's statement where he referred to the Ahmadi community as brothers.

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When we would grow up as a nation and tell these Mullahs to stop misusing Islam and zip it……..??? These people are spreading hatred continuously in the name of Islam through most of these 12000 madarassas. They are brainwashing young children and youth in these madaris who don’t get to get knowledge from any other source.

These hateful clerics are always against tolerance, so why won’t they be against Mr Sharif’s statement ? I don’t like Nawaz Sharif but I appreciate this one act of statesmanship on his behalf.

Mullah’s Pakistan is not wanted!

Lets open up everything! We are used to shutup all our mental faculties when it comes to Jihad, Sects, Muslims and non-muslims definition, etc.

The massacre of Ahmedi brothers and sisters has given us (pakistanis) an opportunity to discuss every controvertial thing we heard around us in society. What result will we get? (Good qustion). Here is the answer.

At least no one will be allowed to kill innocent humans in the name of Islam as we saw in last three decades.

If a person from other religion like Hindu or Christian will came to me and ask me to consider him as Muslim without changing his religion believe .can i consider him as Muslim Off course not . a person can not call Muslim until he read “ KALMA “ mean he initially believe that God is one and Muhammad P.B,U,H is last prophet of the God . I a modern muslim , yes all Pakistani have equal right no one have right to kill anyone . but these terrorist is killing Pakistani without an discrmantion thousand of muslim and non muslim were kill . A person can be Pakistani but for muslim he must believe on one God and Muhammad P.B,U,H is last prophet of the God.

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fdgdsgg | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend love these religous leaders
Malik Muhammad Umer Hayat Chheena | 10 years ago | Reply | Recommend @Hamza and all others against Mullah/Molvi/etc First of all i m not pro or against Mullah. I believe in Holy Quran and Sunnah as i said earlier too. The issue is long discussed and many points arose, yet one thing, have any one spoke against politicians? Is there any politician to live like? after Jinnah and Liaquat, politics ended and only corrupt are there. It was negligence of security agencies and police not the Mullah. Mullah is not appointed for security. Although he has left his original job and now misdoing. Yet except some all Mullahs are created by the roti maang group they have ever worked on roti. It is issue of roti for which they came to politics too. Did anyone asked any law enforcement agency to arrest culprits. I have read about hundreds of blogs, no one demanded this. For God's sake un kay bhi graibaan pakro jo tumharay hukmran aur qanoon saaz hain Thanks and sorry if any one got hurt from my words.
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