Brooke Bond Supreme sparks the joy of giving with its Ramadan campaign #ZaiqaNekiKa

Brooke Bond Supreme unveils the true meaning of “Neki” this Ramadan with its new TVC

May 30, 2019

The arrival of Ramadan welcomes a plethora of advertisement campaigns, however, only a few manage to leave an everlasting impact. Certain brands put their best foot forward as they come up with spiritually uplifting messages that not only capture the essence of the holy month but also touch the audiences on an emotional level.

Brooke Bond Supreme, the popular household tea brand, recently came up with #ZaiqaNekiKa campaign, and we are completely in awe of it. The ad breaks the mundane clutter of stereotypes and gives a message about charity in a subtle way without imposing anything. It not only engages the audience but also succeeds in portraying the true spirit of charity.


The TVC targets stereotypes and truly teaches us that charity not only is about giving food or money to the poor but also having pure intentions. It encapsulates small actions that bring a smile on someone’s face or ease in someone’s life. Charity essentially is the spirit of altruism and goodness that one should adopt in their everyday lives.


Brooke Bond gracefully delivers the message that charity is not limited for a particular social stature who can perform materialistic endeavors, it can also be a mere thought or a simple act which is in line with the spirit of Ramadan. At the end of the day, ‘neki’ can be the simplest of things you can do for others without expectations.

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The TVC features Aslam, a local chai walla, who opens his roadside shop for people in the month of Ramadan. We wonder why so when he and everyone else is fasting?  In the next scene, we witness that he switches the fan on to provide cold breeze and relief to anyone and everyone who passes by his shop in this scorching heat without any judgments. Initially, we suspect that he intends to make money by opening his shop during the day hours of fasting, however, later it is revealed that his intentions were pure and his benign act was for the sake of charity.


This Ramadan commercial not only is a visual treat for the eyes but also delivers a distinctive message that truly tugs our heartstrings. With a perfect musical accompaniment, Brooke Bond Supreme takes us on a spiritual voyage as it conveys an emotional message and teaches us to spread happiness through little deeds. Last but not least, the TVC expresses a message of equality and the importance of sharing in this blessed month.


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