Grateful to all my supporters and wish others to be treated respectfully: Nasir Khan Jan

The host Shuaeb responded by saying he apologised to Khan Jan off camera, twice

Entertainment Desk May 08, 2019

A viral video in which a local TV show host humiliated social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan caused an uproar recently.

Khan Jan was seen responding firmly as the host of the show, Mohammad Shuaeb, belittled him in a condescending tone.

Khan Jan garnered a lot of support from people, who called out the host, asking him to apologise and step down.

Now, speaking to The Independent Urdu, Khan Jan  expressed gratitude for the kind words he received.

"I am very thankful to you all for the comments and posts that supported me and my right to speak," Khan Jan told the publication. "I am filled with gratitude because of the (positive) response and I really hope that in the future I get the same positivity. It is my job to entertain you all and I will keep doing that."

He went on to share how guests on such shows should be treated with respect.

"When you invite a guest on your show, please respect them. If you treat them with respect, more people will happily come on your show. I wasn't aware of the questions I would be asked and what would happen on the show."

He further shared, "Whenever we go on a show, we hope to get a positive reception and to be treated nicely because they are representing us. We don't expect them to degrade us and ruin our image."

While Shuaeb replied to the criticism on Twitter yesterday, he used his show and offered an explanation of his behaviour with Khan Jan.

"I'm back with the message of love and tolerance," Shuaeb said at the beginning of today's episode. "With this show, we try to highlight the wrong doing of the society and that's exactly what we tried to do on Monday's episode (hinting towards Khan Jan's interview)."

He further shared how he was bullied and harassed on social media after a certain clip from the whole interview went viral. Shuaeb continued, "I apologised to Nasir twice for my loud tone. But that wasn't on camera so it didn't go viral."

He then called Khan Jan live and asked him if he bore any ill will towards the host for his harsh behaviour on air.

"You all are like my siblings. It's a show, these things happen all the time," Khan Jan responded. "You invited us and we will come once again."

Shoaib then added, "Tolerance was our message. Whoever spewed hate on us, on my family, we tolerated it. We tolerated all the negativity, so now I feel this (topic) should end."

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