Twitter stands by Nasir Khan Jan as video of host insulting him goes viral

Morning show host was slammed for belittling social media personality and conducting the show in bad taste

Entertainment Desk May 07, 2019

The debate over questionable content of Pakistani morning shows is never ending. Barring a few exceptions, most of the morning shows trivialise social issues (case in point: Nida Yasir's black face brides or Sanam Baloch's Aamir Liaquat's second marriage fiasco) and receive flak for that on social media.

Similarly, a recent show invited social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan and unsurprisingly, things went south. A clip from the interview has gone viral where the host, Mohammad Shuaeb could be seen belittling Khan in a condescending tone.

This didn't go down well with the tweeps who took the show and the host to the cleaners for conducting the conversation in bad taste.

"This is pretty shameful - I know morning shows are not doing well on most channels, but this one on Samaa takes the cake - invites a guest only to insult him - copying this from Arnab Goswami I presume who has perfected it to an art - credit to Nasir Khan Jan who kept his cool," a journalist, Omar Quraishi lauded Khan for his calm responses.

"Wow! I am really impressed by Nasir Khan Jan the way he didn't loose his temperament, and didn't bow down to the bullying host," a user shared.

"First time ever, I liked Nasir Khan Jan for keeping his cool and tried to control the situation with argument. Right or wrong I’m no one to judge. What stupid hosting was that? Insane. These folks can stoop down to the core of besharmi just to get ratings. Disgusting!"

"Let's identify that our real problem with people like Nasir Khan Jan and Qandeel Baloch is a socio-economic one. The same things done by rich celebrities is somehow tolerable but God forbid someone from a different social class tries to sing, dance or celebrate their bodies," wrote Manal Faheem Khan shared.

"It’s not about what Nasir Khan Jan is making. The point is the host shouldn’t have disrespected him. Or else shouldn’t have invited him if he wanted to insult him," said another.

Another Twitter user called out the host, asking him to apologise.

"I don't think anyone ever liked Nasir Khan Jan for his content but now people are taking his side means you did wrong. You must apologise for your bullying behaviour."

"Dear Shoaib, before teaching Nasir Khan Jan about vulgarity, entertainment and blogging. I wish someone had taught ethics, moral and basic manners regarding how to speak to guests specially when you're trying to earn through their presence," one user added.

"I never liked or endorsed acts of Nasir Khan Jan but the way he dealt with the bully over the show is commendable. These anchors can stoop down to any level for the sake of ratings where they've forgot ethical limitations as well but this is well defended and answered by him," tweeted one user.

"Every anchor must know there is a difference between hosting a show and a judging someone. You are not a judge and Nasir Khan Jan is not criminal standing in a witness box. You have not rights to disgrace someone like that," one penned.

Later, the host took to Twitter to share his stance and wrote, "I respect criticism and silence is my best response. Watch complete show, Live session afterwards and then follow haters."

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Ayesha latif | 3 years ago | Reply well said Ayesha ….. do not blame only women or housewifes .
Ayesha | 3 years ago | Reply @zakiralisiddiqui: I don't understand why you have to go and target housewives in your comment, though? Housewives have nothing to do? Sir, you are sadly mistaken and this comment in itself shows your own intellect. I understand that you're mad at the viewership ratings of the talk shows and that the shows should have lower ratings but this isn't the way to go about it. A lot of jobless men watch morning talk shows too in case you aren't aware (and that's a lot of men). Let's not blame viewership on women, alright?
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