If PM Imran is to be believed, Germany and Japan share a border

Premier misspoke while giving example of increased cooperation between hostile nations

News Desk April 22, 2019
Premier misspoke while giving example of increased cooperation between hostile nations.PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

Prime Minister Imran Khan misspoke on Monday by mixing up France with Japan while giving an example of how the country set up joint industries in the border region to bolster economic ties with Germany.

"The more trade you have with each other your ties automatically become stronger...Germany and Japan killed millions of their civilians until after the Second World War when they both decided to have joint industries on their border regions," he said while speaking at an event in Tehran, where he went for a two-day visit.


After the Second World War, France and Germany joined hands to lay the foundation of the European Union.

Premier Imran's slip of tongue saying Japan, the island nation in East Asia, had a border with the western European nation instead of neighbouring France was quickly latched onto.

Social media users hit out at the prime minister for making the mistake in front of an international audience.

This, however, is not the first time PM Imran has got his geography wrong.

In December last year, he referred to Africa as an “emerging country” in a speech during the Envoys Conference on Economic Diplomacy.


MUHAMMAD OZAIR | 3 years ago | Reply What the big deal if there was slip of tounge, does it not happen to all of us Mr Talat Hussein
Humza | 3 years ago | Reply When the Pm's education and thinking is so confused, why wonder why the PTI have no policy and only u turns and incompetence to show. If we are not careful, the same Imran Khan who once said CPEC is a joke being played on Pakistan by Nawaz Sharif may stop all the development projects started under the last government.
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