Banned outfit: Noose tightens on Hizb activists

Security agencies have started moving against activists of the banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir outfit.

Qaiser Butt June 24, 2011


Security agencies have started moving against activists of the banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir outfit, sources told The Express Tribune on Thursday.

Many of the activists have gone underground after raids on their houses in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The arrests are said to have been made both before and after the detention of Brigadier Ali Khan and four army majors earlier this week, for suspected links with the Hizb.

The Hizb’s cadre, comprising professionals like engineers, doctors and educated youth, had been distributing leaflets, brochures and pasting stickers in public places calling for action over the past month.

The Hizb also launched a similar campaign when the US called for a full-scale military assault on North Waziristan, urging the people to resist. The HT kept in touch with media outlets via SMS
on the terrorist attack on
the PNS Mehran in Karachi, accusing the US of masterminding the attack.

It regularly issued press releases urging people to “topple the government (and clear it) of traitors, conspirators and the American agents”.

The organisation also organised rallies “for establishing the rule of Khilafah in Pakistan and other parts of the Muslim world”.

Meanwhile, a press release issued by the Hizb said that officials of a secret agency had “kidnapped” two of its activists named Naeem Younas and Fahad from Rawalpindi last week. Naeem was arrested distributing a leaflet on the Abbottabad incursion, while Fahad was arrested from his house in the Bahria Town.

“(Plainclothesmen) took Younas, a telecom engineer to an unknown location,” the press release said.

Security officials, the Hizb said, started rounding up its people after it issued a pamphlet on the US raid in Abbottabad in which Osama bin Laden was killed.

According to the Hizb, it has filed a writ petition against the kidnapping of its activists and it plans to hold demonstration in Islamabad at Zero Point outside the press offices.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 24th, 2011.


Abu Salahudeen | 10 years ago | Reply

As salaamu alaikum wr wb, Dear respected brothers in Islam, I think it is obvious to all muslims living in Pakistan, that the godless system of so called secular democracy has failed us! the evidence is looking at us - who respects pakistani governance or the authorities?? all we have are recycled leaders, dictators, lackeys or the west! What HuT is calling for is not a figment of their imagination or idealism or even their idea! it is simply the way of Islam - if we are Muslims in both name and belief - we must accept that only Islam can direct us to success and Jannah inshaAllah!!

correction to some comments from above - as we know people will always have an ulterior motive and will make up things to discredit both Islamic ideas and aspirations.

HuT is not militant or linked to Al Qaeda - not substantiated globally - read their articles HuT is not violent, and seeks to disseminate Islamic ideas to create change - read their articles! HuT method is based on the sunnah of the Prophet SAW, supported by many world renowned scholars in Islam HuT method is governance based on elected positions, strong accountability, justice. HuT is a group calling for unity and does not espouse hatred for muslims/islam HuT is not full of fanatics rather they are academics, professors, teachers, scientists,and yes even part of the military! HuT is truely a global islamic political party - see the indonesian conferences on youtube

Just read from or

JazakAllah for reading!

From a Secondary School teacher in the UK who aspires to able to emigrate to Pakistan one day inshaAllah to educate the Muslim Ummah so we can rise one day again as a superpower as we did in the past!!

Norman Mann | 10 years ago | Reply Well it appears that this mob of fools are well and truly entrenced in our country, making threats that are so like them. Let me say tho, that these interlectually handicapped, (idiots) are so full of hate, yet they will use the freedom, as well as the free housing, free medical, free centrelink payments, not having to work to support themseves, the list of goodies is endless, granted to them because we ARE a free country, bought with the blood of our defence forces, and these parasites would threaten us? Well the answer is easy, send these cowardly mongrels back to their own miserable countries, and fight for their own feedom, of course that wont happen because it is much easier to kill our women and kids, as long as they are not looking of course, because these hate filled fools are mongrels. In the name of their God?? What a joke. If they start with their bloody stupidity here in Australia, we will demand of our government that they are deported immediately, no trial no sueing us, no excuses, just get put on a boat and sent back to whence they come from. Listen you arsewipes, do not let one Ozzie die at your gutless hands, or you will see just what makes Australia proud to be just that, Australian. And try and remember, but of course you have to have a brain to think with, that the freedom you are trying to destroy is not your ticket at all. So perhaps it might be in your own interests to re-think your utter stupidity.
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