Technology effectively helping police combat crime in Lahore

Since the adoption of ‘modern policing', routine offenses have declined in Punjab capital

Noman Sheikh April 03, 2019

LAHORE: As various technologies move ahead at a rapid pace, it has become imperative for government institutions, the world over, to keep abreast. This is especially true when it comes to policing duties, and has prompted Lahore Police to incorporate the latest technological solutions for carrying out their day-to-day duties, particularly crime-busting tasks.

Owing to the adoption of technology, the overall performance of the police force and its efficiency is being improvised through the strengthening of administrative structures within it various units. Since the adoption of ‘modern policing', routine offenses have declined while crimes pertaining to land and properties have also decreased.

Moreover, robbery attempts have reduced by 21%, while motorcycle-theft incidents have decreased by 16% from December 2018 to January 2019. Overall, there has been a 48% decline in motorcycle theft crimes, 16% decline in roadside robberies, while incidents related to car thefts have gone down by 40% as of February 2019.

Talking to The Express Tribune, SSP Operations Mustansar Feroz said the Lahore police has accustomed itself to a latest, technology-based system which has greatly helped the department in streamlining its operations.

“Technology, together with effective strategies and reforms are helping us with the tracing and eradication of crimes in the provincial capital,” he explained. “The administration of various units of the department is being bolstered to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the police force.”

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He added that the operational facets of the department have been reorganised in line with the latest policing standard of using the Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit (PRU) as an effective force. The patrolling of Dolphin and PRU Forces have been increased after reviewing different crimes that take place in specific areas and during specific hours.

The suitable use of resources and administrative reforms have reduced crime rates in Lahore by 45 %, while the graph for crimes related to property has reached 23%

The personnel working across all the police stations have been exempt from performing duties for security and peace. The exemption has been made to enable the staff of police stations to work efficiently and pay full attention to the eradication of the crimes.

Additionally, motorcycles have been provided to different police stations for increased efficiency and timely arrival at the site of the crime. Moreover, over 200 new beats have been created to make the standard of patrolling more effective and productive.

Also, the crime control management is being done per PPIC3 standards. According to Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) data, crime rate has slashed by 50% in the city.

The Lahore police have formulated over 150 special operation teams for the arrest of the proclaimed criminals, drug dealers and individuals involved in serious crimes.

Furthermore, the police have also arrested many offenders, including 150 drug dealers who were involved in selling drugs near educational institutions.

Crime fighting inspectors were deputed at police stations while additional forces were added to the security wing to turn it into an autonomous body.

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