Police arrest man for setting ablaze his home in Khanpur

K* and his wife had a heated debate over a matter. The woman got annoyed and went to her parents’ house

Our Correspondent March 26, 2019

KHANPUR: Police have arrested a man who set his house on fire in Khanpur, Express News reported on Monday.

A police official said that K*, a resident of Mohallah Khairabad, had a dispute with his wife over a matter. He added the couple had a heated debate and when the arguments escalated, the woman got annoyed and left home to live with her parents.

He maintained that K* went to his in-laws house to bring his wife back, but she refused to come along with him. The official mentioned that despite repeated attempts, the man failed to convince the woman and end differences between them.

He highlighted that in a fit of rage, K* set his own home ablaze and valuables worth millions were reduced to ashes.

Soon after the incident, rescue officials and firefighters reached the spot and extinguished the fire. The police said that valuables, including clothes, crockery, electronic items and furniture etc, were completely destroyed due to the blaze.

Meanwhile, the police have nabbed the accused and put him behind bars for further investigations.

On March 24, a grudge over a minor scuffle led to the burning alive of a young man in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony.

Police said Muhammad Ashfaq, 25, had a dispute with his neighbours over a petty issue. The dispute was resolved amicably by the intervention of elders of the area and police. However, the suspects allegedly had developed a grudge against him.

On the day of the incident, Ashfaq was at his shop on Atta Baksh Road when the unidentified suspects reached there. They locked the victim inside, sprinkled oil and set the shop on fire. Resultantly, the victim was burnt alive inside his shop.


*Name withheld to protect identity