'Shameless Proposals' trailer fails to capture essence of show's theme

The first episode will release on March 29, 2019

Entertainment Desk March 19, 2019

The trailer for upcoming web series Shameless Proposals was recently released and let's just put it this way: It's quite different to what we're used to.

To begin with, the 40-something second trailer is too short for us to get the gist of the subject that the show revolves around. "The theme of Shameless Proposals is to deal with the objectification of women in a desi society by presenting them as products when a proposal is considered for an arranged marriage," producer Sadia Jabbar described the web series as, during an exclusive interview with The Express Tribune.


And, while bits of this are shown in the trailer, it fails to encapsulate the theme completely. Furthermore, before the viewer can understand what is actually going on, it ends.

Jabbar earlier explained, “The web series also sheds light on how parents would agree to almost every condition by the boy’s family in order to ‘accept’ their daughter.” Again, this is not evident in the clip.


Although the trailer tries to provide viewers with some comic relief, it's quite hard to keep up, courtesy the speedy narration. But while the video failed to portray the essence of the web series, that doesn't mean the show won't be amusing. And, even if it isn't up to the mark, it may still be a good watch considering it covers an amusing topic that is hardly spoken of.

Shameless Proposals is a seven-part online series. The first episode will release on March 29, 2019.

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