Ulemas stand by army for country’s defence: PUC chief

Ashrafi says armed forces have given a befitting response to Indian aggression

Shabbir Hussain March 01, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) chief Maulana Tahir Ashrafi has said the Ulemas of the country are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces for the protection of the country.

“Ulemas will join the armed forces at the border if India shows any military aggression,” said the PUC chief while addressing the media on Friday.

“Our armed forces gave a befitting response to Indian military aggression and defeated its nefarious design to exercise hegemony over the entire region,” said Ashrafi.

“The armed forces of Pakistan have full confidence of its people and the government,” he said, adding that Pakistan Air Force effectively responded by downing Indian jets.

He gave a stern warning to India that any aggression in the future would be dealt with accordingly.

“Pakistan has not only morally defeated India by releasing its pilot but has also given it a message of peace,” said Ashrafi. “We are a peace-loving country but our desire for peace should not be mistaken as our weakness.”

On the situation in the region, Ashrafi said war hysteria of the Modi government was putting lives of 1.5 billion people at stake and his policies were aggravating the law and order situation in the region.

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“We want peace but we will not tolerate military aggression under any circumstances,” he said. “Pakistan wants to engage in talks with India on the basis of equality and the peace of the region is subject to the resolution of the Kashmir dispute.”

He assured the army chief and the prime minister that ulemas of the country would voluntarily join the armed forces at the border if need be, adding that all countries, including Saudi Arab, desire peace in the region which is commendable.

“We want India to attend the OIC session under any condition,” he said. “The Islamic countries should take notice of this thing.”

He announced holding a Paigham-e-Islam conference in Islamabad on April 14, adding that the event was earlier scheduled for March 3 but due to ongoing tensions the conference had been deferred until next month.

Ulemas from all over the world, including Saudi Arab, will participate in the conference.


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