Rendezvous with NESCAFÉ Basement: Legacy of perfect blends

Explore how NESCAFÉ Basement has managed to grace perfection in its own unique way

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We all know what goes into a good cup of coffee: choice of beans, the perfect amount of ingredients and the very best equipment. However, there is something that makes the perfect coffee even better: music! What’s better than mesmerizing music and a hot cuppa coffee? We can’t think of a better combination.

Did you know that this is exactly how the concept of NESCAFÉ Basement became a reality? This brilliant idea came into being back in 2007 and we are glad that it did. It is safe to say that since then the show has managed to discover musical gems from all over the country regardless of their age, gender, class, religion or any societal stigmas.

The musical voyage begins...

Since its inception, NESCAFÉ Basement has solely focused on introducing and nurturing new talent from all over Pakistan. Five seasons old, Basement has remained consistent in its mission to introduce new blood, new sounds, new energy into the Pakistani pop-rock music scene.


How do things brew at the Basement?

Ever wondered how things blend into harmony at the basement?

Well, various ethnicities and backgrounds are welcomed at the basement with gratitude where everlasting bonds are brewed. The buzz in the room is quite infectious and the artists feed off each other’s energies amidst the thrashing of the snare. Hence, masterpieces produced are an organic product of teamwork, fuelled by creative ideas from the whole team. And, this is how NESCAFÉ Basement has managed to become a genre in itself.


The platform's journey over the course has been about producing new renditions of yesteryear classics such as its very first brainchild, Larri Adda originally the courtesy of Sajjad Ali. Other songs include Mr Fraudiye, Pyar Diyan Gallan, and even international songs, including Guns N’ Roses’ track Sweet Child O’ Mine. NESCAFÉ Basement celebrates and nurtures young talent, instead of picking up big names in the industry.

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A plethora of young musicians and instrument players such as Momina and Bayaan, along with other musical maestros attained accolades from various popular shows. Moreover, a few even garnered royalty, albums and video contracts too. Such a proud moment indeed!

Let’s go back in time and revisit NESCAFÉ Basement's major hits.

Down the memory lane

Do you remember the time when not only us, but also our ‘neighbors’ went gaga on two charming and gifted singers, Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed from Soch The Band. They managed to set the bars really high with their mesmerising track Awaari in the first season. Nostalgia, eh?

The second season amazed us when it featured Parizae Azhar, the youngest female singer ever to be polished by mentor Xulfi. Part of season four, the artist gained immense recognition for her covers Adam Lambert’s What Do You Want from Me, Nazia Hassan’s Boom Boom and Ed Sheraan’s Give Me Love. Those impactful and popular tunes are still stuck in our head.

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Remember rooting for the extremely talented, brilliant All-Girls Band? We distinctly remember how this one group got people talking after the troupe created waves with their cover of John Newman’s Love Me Again in NESCAFÉ Basement season four. Besides, how can we forget the fact that John Newman, himself tweeted enormous praise for the song on his official Twitter account.

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All of NESCAFÉ Basement's seasons have been impressive, but season five definitely blew our minds away.

Season 5: The musical legacy continues 

NESCAFÉ Basement's musical game in season five is impeccably on point! The musical show started to win our hearts by giving us a beautiful version of nostalgic songs such as Mehbooba which was originally sung by Haroon and gradually introduced astonishing young talents that they discovered from Surtaal academy such as Hadiya who touched our souls with her song Bol Hu.

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Recently we witnessed how the show gave an opportunity to Shahzad Ali, a 38-year-old Ph.D. musician, and lyricist who channelled his emotions through a song about love, conflict and heartache. We appreciate the fact that NESCAFÉ Basement celebrates talent and shows no partiality towards any age, race, gender or ethnicity.

It doesn’t end yet...

This valentine’s NESCAFÉ Basement managed to break stereotypes with the All Kids Band who redefined love in a unique way. The young musicians gave the message of love and peace to the world with their version of Fakhr-e-Alam, Fringe Benefits and Yasir Akhtar’s 90’s hit Pyar Diyan Gallaan.


NESCAFÉ Basement is the only platform with a purpose that is promoting fresh raw talent. It is not only winning hearts, but also translating into the revival of Pakistani music industry. We sure can't wait to find out what more electrifying surprises NESCAFÉ Basement has in store for us!

For more updates in regards to NESCAFÉ Basement Season 5, follow on Instagram and @nescafebasement5 on Facebook. And, do not forget to subscribe to NESCAFÉ Basement’s official YouTube Channel for the upcoming season!


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