Released sailors to make port on Saturday

Published: June 17, 2011
Released sailors are due to make port on Sunday.

Released sailors are due to make port on Sunday.

KARACHI: The MV Suez, carrying recently released Pakistani sailors is likely to reach Oman on Saturday after a fault developed in its engine.

Yesterday, the ship had once again come under attack from pirates as it heads for port Salalah in Oman. However, thanks to the security escort being provided by PNS Babar, the pirates were repelled. Technical crew from the Pakistani warship is working to restore the faulty engine.

Captain Wasi, the Pakistani captain of MV-Suez while talking to Express 24/7 said that they are due to dock in Salalah port around noon on Saturday.

He also dismissed reports  that the ship’s engine had developed a fault. “Negative, negative, we are going safe and sound.”

With regards to protection provided by PNS Babar, he said that “we got eight SSG naval commandos under the command of Lt. Bilal along with PNS Babar providing escort.

Meanwhile, a camera crew from a private Indian news channel landed on MV Suez yesterday and interviewed the crew on board. The Indian sailors on board the ship seemed quite vexed with their government, saying they had been totally ignored.

They said they were thankful to Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney for his efforts to secure their release. The released Indian seamen also praised the Pakistani government and the Pakistan Navy for sending PNS Babar to escort them back to safer waters.

The crew told the news channel that Pakistan Navy sailors had provided them with food, clothing and much needed medical attention.

Meanwhile, Ansar Burney is due to fly to Oman on Saturday to finalise travel arrangements for the sailors to their respective countries.

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  • Javed
    Jun 18, 2011 - 5:59PM

    Credit to Mr. Ansar Barney for saving the day.Recommend

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