3 celebrity sister duos whose style we can't get enough of

Imagine style when it's in twos... even better, no?

Ramsha Vistro January 15, 2019

KARACHI: In a world full of fashion faux pas, there's some who manage to impress every time. Now imagine style when it's in twos... even better, no? Trendy sister duos seem to be taking over the fashion realm and we've picked out our most favourite from the entertainment world. Here are three super stylish pairs we cannot get enough of!

1. Mawra and Urwa Hocane


The Hocane sisters have become quite popular over the years. Whether it's for the spelling of their surname or the films they've starred in, that's a discussion for another day. But one thing's for sure: These girls know how to dress.

Urwa's style is more on the sophisticated side as you'll see her garbed in feminine pieces a lot of the time. Mawra, on the other hand, is quirkier and gives off an indie- chic vibe. And together, they make for a hip twosome.

2. Karisma and Kareena Kapoor


These Bollywood belles manage to stand out at every other party they attend. Whether they're clad in Indian attire or Western, they never fail to impress.

Although their careers have taken different turns, Karisma and Kareena's dressing seems to be in line with one another. They both have quite a refined style, donning elegant ensembles everywhere they go. However, we think it's safe to say Bebo is just a tad bit more daring than her older sister.

3. Bella and Gigi Hadid


The Hadid sisters need no introduction. Two of the best supermodels of our time, no one seems to have consumed the style world quite as much as these two. These ladies are extremely experimental when it comes to their outfits. That obviously comes with being a model... however, even when they're off the runway, the two still manage to stun.

The clothes range from street style to 90's-inspired party wear. And although their style is quite similar, it's not the same. Bella tends to lean towards a 'cool' vibe while Gigi is definitely more uptown polished.

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