PIA fires 200 ghost employees

Published: January 5, 2019


ISLAMABAD.: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has sacked over 200 ghost employees hired on daily wages.

The PIA administration acting upon orders of the Supreme Court has also expedited action against employees possessing fake degrees.

According to sources, over 400 employees including pilots and air hostesses have been either suspended or terminated from service on suspicion of holding fake degrees. In addition, the administration has also reported presence of ghost employees hired on daily wages while action against them has already been started.

PIA sacked 194 ghost workers in two months

These ghost employees were hired by third parties and their salaries were paid from payroll of the national carrier, sources reported, adding most of them used to receive salaries even when not working.

Sources added the administration after identifying over 200 such employees has removed them while it has also instituted action against employees who have been continuously absent during the past four months.

A PIA spokesperson while confirming reports said the administration has started a crackdown against the ghost employees.

“PIA has no place for ghost employees,” said the spokesperson adding report against officers and pilots with fake degrees will be presented to the top court on January 9.

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  • Farooq Ahmed
    Jan 5, 2019 - 11:41AM

    While their may be few hundred ghost employees in PIA, but the reality is that PIA in general lacks professional character and requisite competence. As a whole it a blood sucking vampire along with Railways, Steel Mills and the Power Sector of Pakistan, all of them need urgent privatisation.Recommend

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