PFA enforces ban on sale of unpacked spices

Published: January 1, 2019
Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

LAHORE: To curb the menace of adulteration, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has banned the sale of open spices in Punjab from Tuesday (today). Provincial food watchdog’s director general, Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman, highlighted that the authority has enforced a law related to the sale of unpacked spices.

The law was originally introduced in June 2017 and the authority had given an 18-month business adjustment time to the industry and dealers, he added. He indicated that the authority has imparted practical training to the industry and traders before introducing this law.

‘PFA working to modernise food safety laws, standards’

As per the new legislation, it is mandatory for the industry and traders to print the name and address of the manufacturer or supplier, ingredients, weight, manufacturing and expiry dates, he underscored. Usman said that incidents of adulteration are very common in open spices.

“These adulterated and substandard spices cause several diseases among consumers so the authority has introduced this law. It has directed all its enforcement teams to ensure effective implementation of this new law. Violators will have to face dire consequences and all their products will be confiscated,” he said.

‘Adulterated food destroying masses’ health’

The DG added the authority is leaving no stone unturned to provide safe and health food across Punjab. Speaking to The Express Tribune, a wholesale spice dealer from Akbari Market, Muhammad Ehsan, said all traders in the biggest wholesale market of the province were selling open spices for decades. Now the authority has introduced a packaging law which will negatively impact their business.

He agreed with the rationale of the authority that adulteration was on the rise in the sale of open spices. He, however, indicated that the new law will increase prices.

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