‘Gay couple’ granted bail

June 04, 2010

PESHAWAR: A local court on Thursday granted bail to a transvestite, Rani, and a local, Malik Iqbal, arrested because they were allegedly about to marry.

Police had arrested the couple on May 24 and they had been in police custody since. On Thursday, the court of additional sessions judge Tahir Mahmood granted the pair bail on two sureties bonds worth Rs 100,000 each.

Police had earlier arrested 45 people including 16 transvestites from the alleged wedding party from Dalazak Road.

The 43 people attending the event were set free later by the court, while Rani and Iqbal were sent to central prison on judicial remand. After the bail was granted, Almas Bobby, President of Shemale Rights of Pakistan, along with 30 transvestites staged a demonstration in favour of the judiciary and strongly condemned the police for harassing transvestites.


IZ | 10 years ago | Reply Leave these two alone. Instead of harassing transgendered people, why don't the police go and arrest real criminals. We hear about rapes, murders and robberies happening everyday. Why don't the police try to do something about that?
Aamir Khan | 11 years ago | Reply If rani is actually a transexual and have gone a sex change surgery , then (S)he is actually SHE. and have rights to marry a man. However if she doesn,t have a vagina then this is not a heterosexual marriage. Iran , Iraq , and few other islamic countries have already given rights to such people who under go sex change surgery (only if they have issues with their gender) can marry heterosexually. So whats the big deal in such marriage, at least its about commitment between two people. Pakistan needs to come to a conclusion, this is not the way of dealing with such cases that you start sending every one to jail.
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