Lahore terror links uncovered, security tightened

A terrorists involved in the Friday attacks is believed to be Samiullah, wanted for the Sri Lankan team attacks already.

Express June 03, 2010

LAHORE: One of the terrorists involved in the attack on the Ahmadiyya worship places in Lahore was identified as Samiullah who is already wanted for the attack on the Sri Lankan team on Thursday.

Sources revealed that the police issued sketches of terrorists involved in the attack on the worship places, which included a sketch of Samiullah who was also involved in the Sri Lankan team attack.

Samiullah, who belongs to Nankana Sahib, is a key member of the Punjab faction of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and frequently visits Waziristan. The police has already announced a reward on his head.

Police has evidence of Samiullah’s involvement in attacks on the Ahmadiyya worship places as well as the Sri Lankan team.

Security heightened for Friday

Keeping in view the recent terror spate in the city, the police has finalised a security plan for Lahore for Friday prayers.

Special security arrangements will be in place for mosques and other worship places of minority communities.

The elite and quick response forces will be stationed at the worship places, while roads near sensitive location will be closed to traffic.

The plan has been devised after the police held meetings with scholars from all religious schools of thought.

All divisional superintendants of Lahore Police also held a meeting with Ahmadi leaders to discuss the security arrangements and the investigations into last Friday's terrorist attacks on the worship places.


Jihad Penn | 12 years ago | Reply Islam forbids buying allegation without cross checking with the alleged party. Regretfully Pakistanis stand sold to the lies of Mullahs. Pakistani Minister who can stoop to any degree for votes, attend Anti-Ahmadiyya conference wherein Ahmadies are declared Wajibul Qatal (i.e Ahmadies should be killed). Pakistanis are brainwashed into hating Ahmadies & MEDIA is playing a henious role General Muslims themselves do not believe in Khatm E Nabuwat, & rightly so as the coming of Messiha is indeed prophecised in Islam & Holy Prophet Sallalho Elaihey Wasallum has called The Messiha "PROPHET" 4 times in a Muslim Hadith. Maulavis twist that nauzubilla Esa Jesus (AS) is alive & he will descend from the skies. But cannot show anything from Quran or Sunnah that Esa (AS) is alive. On the contrary we prove from scores of Quranic ayat that Esa (AS) a human being, of cource has died. 3-144 The Prophets Before Mohommed PBUH have passed away 5-117 Esa (AS) is ignorant on day judgement that Christians had made him God 19:32 God has enjoined upon me (Esa AS) Prayer and almsgiving so long as I live; 36:69 & whom We grant long life — We revert him to a weak condition of creation. Will they not then understand? Muslims are unanimous that a Prophet as Messiha (AS) will revive Islam. Mullahs have occultly seated a dead Esa (AS) on the promised seat & will not accept an Ummati as The Promised Messiha Quran orders Muslims "16:21 & those on whom they call beside Allah create not anything, but they are themselves created. 16:22 They are dead, not living;" Mullahs as accomplice of VATICAN & defiance of Quran believe Esa (AS) was nauzubilla a creator & instead of telling Christians whom you worship is dead again refute Quran & agree with Christians that Esa (AS) inhumanly is alive
sshams95 | 12 years ago | Reply Ahmadis place of worship is a mosque!
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