Women in our industry need to learn to speak better: Mansha Pasha

Published: October 23, 2018


Chalay Thay Saath actor, Mansha Pasha, has taken to Twitter to address some peculiar statements made by her fellow colleagues over the past few weeks.

“From stole my husband from my best friend and cheated on my fiancee, to jab Me Too hota hai ussi waqt kiyon nahi boltein, to quotes from Uncle Ben and your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. The women of this industry need to step up and learn to speak better,” she wrote.

Pasha was quoting some controversial remarks from women within Pakistan’s showbiz industry.

The ‘stole my husband from my best friend’ part was in reference to Hira Mani’s recent appearance on the Samina Peerzada, which was met with mixed reviews from the audience. The Sun Yaara actor opened up about how she met Mani and they two got in a relationship while she was engaged to someone else.

“I was his biggest fan in college. We met through a mutual friend, who was actually dating him at that time while I was also engaged to my banker fiancé,” she said, stating she adored him since she first saw him on TV.

The starlet further added that she took Mani’s number from the mutual friend’s phone and ended up engaging in conversation with him, leading on to her cheating on her fiance.

Pasha’s remark on ‘jab Me Too hota hai ussi waqt kiyon nahi boltein’ refers to model Sadaf Kanwal’s comments regarding #MeToo, which irked many. Kanwal commented on the movement while appearing on HSY’s talk show. The public called her out for her insensitivity on the subject and how problematic her stance really is.

You know aap ke sath #MeToo jab ho, tab bol do. Baad mein aap ko yaad araha hai #MeToo, So I think jab ho bol do. (You know, when you have a #MeToo incident, say it then. Why are you remembering it later? I think when it happens you should say it.)” Sadaf said.

She further added, “Agar mere saath #MeToo kabhi hua tou mai bolungi na. aur mai social media pe nahi bolungi mai aap sab ko bataungi (If I ever have a #MeToo incident, I would say it. And I won’t just say it on social media. I’d tell all of you.)”

Finally, the ‘quotes from Uncle Ben’ comment is in regard to the latest snafu between Ko Ko Korina singer Momina Mustehsan and PTI MNA Shireen Mazari.

“Uncle Ben from Spider-Man said ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Don’t let us down,” the Awaari crooner wrote while addressing the Coke Studio song controversy.

Umm. Okay.

Here’s hoping for a better narrative in near future.

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