Reham Khan criticises 'Cake' Oscar submission

Published: September 20, 2018


Earlier this week, Asim Abbasi’s Cake was announced to be Pakistan’s official submission for  Oscars 2019. While the film’s cast and crew, along with other big guns of the local media industry all rejoiced, journalist Reham Khan didn’t seem to be pleased with the news.

Zulfi Bukhari appointed special assistant to PM on overseas Pakistanis

Reham, on Tuesday, tweeted, “Who says you can’t have your ‘cake’ and eat it too? Zulfi Bokhari, friend of the PM, now gets his film selected to be sent in as Pakistan’s entry to the Oscar’s too.”

Her statement was aimed at Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bokhari who was recently appointed as a special assistant to Imran Khan on overseas Pakistanis and human resource development. He also served as the producer for Cake.

Reham Khan is the worst example of a woman: Resham

Reham’s tweet managed to catch Asim’s attention and he was quick to defend Bokhari. “I understand that our storytelling (unlike her storytelling) lacked drama and masala. But still, what a strange insinuation, discounting our hard work and the committee’s decision making,” he posted.

The film-maker also shared how he teamed up with Zulfiqar to make Cake. “In 2016, when I showed the script of Cake to one of the leading TV channels of Pakistan, they laughed me out of their offices. That is when Zulfi came in to help me produce it with one condition: Make a film that we can be proud of.”



Asim further revealed that in the last two years, a lot of people have asked him why he was making a film without any songs or dance  shots. He was also questioned for not including any “gori chitti actresses” and requested to consider the “masses” and potential box office failure.

“Not once did Zulfi ask me to change anything. Cake is, creatively, 100% me,” he said. “As a writer-director, you can go to a conglomerate who forces you to include colours and choreographed dances in your film. Or you can find an independent producer who believes in your vision.”



Even author Kamila Shamsie came to Cake’s defense. “I was on the selection committee. I had no idea (and wouldn’t have thought it was relevant if I had) that anyone was a friend of the PM. I just knew Cake was the best film in the running.”

On the other hand, Zulfiqar is currently being investigated by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in regards to establishing offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The official cannot be part of the elected government as he holds dual-nationality.

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Reader Comments (9)

  • Parvez
    Sep 20, 2018 - 2:57PM

    Reham Khan today cuts a sorry figure …. she had her cake but sadly did not get to eat it and now she’s desperately trying to be visible. Recommend

  • AJ
    Sep 20, 2018 - 5:19PM

    It is one of the best Pakistani films I have ever seen. I haven’t seen family dynamics shown in this film in any other major Pakistani film and it was absolutely amazing. The story, acting, everything was superb. Please keep making such kind of films which we can relate to. Recommend

  • Ahmad
    Sep 20, 2018 - 6:51PM

    She should Stop now, Recommend

  • Humza
    Sep 20, 2018 - 7:37PM

    Reham Khan is an opinionated straight talking woman with substance which seems to scare a lot of old fashioned Pakistani men who want her to be quiet. Maybe the truth scares them?Recommend

  • Khan muhammad
    Sep 20, 2018 - 9:05PM

    I have to admit as someone who does not like Reham Khan, she’s right about this one. I watched Cake and it was boring and lacked substance. The only way it got an Oscar submission is that the right strings were pulled. Recommend

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Sep 20, 2018 - 9:07PM

    I pity this woman . Her personal / professional life is in shambles. Shes not a Pakistani for all practical purposes. why does she have opinions on all matters related to this country ? Recommend

  • AJ
    Sep 21, 2018 - 12:59PM

    Reham has lost it because the book couldn’t generate enough controversy to boost significant sales. Recommend

  • Waqar Hassan
    Sep 22, 2018 - 6:14AM

    This lady Reham khan’s only job now is to criticize every thing about pakistanRecommend

  • Parvez
    Sep 24, 2018 - 12:07AM

    @Humza: Do you really think there is any truth in her rant ? ….. If you do, I suggest you look up how a movie is chosen by the Academy of Motion Pictures and the procedures adopted by them and Pricewaterhouse Coopers for these nominations…..and possibly you may change your mind.Recommend

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