Reham Khan is the worst example of a woman: Resham

Published: September 10, 2018

Reham Khan has been in the news ever since her book was released online, earlier this year. Many took digs at the former wife of PM Imran Khan, including Jemima Goldsmith and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The most recent celeb to join the bandwagon is veteran actor Resham. In a video that recently went viral, the 39-year-old actor can be heard as saying, “If I talk about cricket, Imran Khan is the biggest name in cricket. Now, he’s the Prime Minister of our country.”

She further shared, “Everyone makes mistakes. Imran Khan made a few mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes. But Reham Khan? Reham Khan is the worst example of a woman. And Jemima Goldsmith is the best.”

Resham continued, “Reham took few names in her book. Me, Hamza. You know, people who usually aren’t involved in controversies. But see (the thing is), no one knows Reham. Who is Reham, anyway?” concluded Resham.

Soon after the Sangam actor’s comments, Reham promptly responded on Twitter and said, “Actually I did not put the Resham story in the book or in any notes anywhere.”

To which, one Twitter user asked Reham for context. And the former news anchor threw some massive shade.

“A couple of actors trying to become relevant… Get jobs! I think I have created more job opportunities than most politicians,” she wrote.

Reham was previously served a legal notice by her first husband, Ijaz Rehman, cricketer Wasim Akram, British businessman Zulfikar Bukhari and PTI International Media Coordinator Anila Khawaja over the contents of her upcoming book.

The journalist’s tell-all autobiography reportedly includes details of her interactions with various celebrities and her marriage with Imran.

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Reader Comments (3)

  • Areej
    Sep 10, 2018 - 8:49PM

    In Pakistan a person becomes the worst example if he/she speaks the truth.Recommend

  • Madame SiSi
    Sep 11, 2018 - 6:38AM

    @Areej: Yes, especially when that person lies about their journalistic credentials from the get-go.Recommend

  • Babur N Khan
    Sep 11, 2018 - 7:36AM


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