CJP seeks nation’s help for building dams, repay debts

Meets delegation of traders, gets Rs1 million for dams fund

Rana Yasif September 08, 2018

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar has said history “will never forgive us if immediate steps are not taken to build dams, pay off foreign debts, control population and root out corruption for the sake of national progress and prosperity”.

The CJP was talking to media-persons on Saturday at the Supreme Court’s Lahore Registry after holding a meeting with a delegation of traders who handed him a cheque of Rs1 million for the dams fund.

Representatives of the Message Foundation, an NGO, also announced a donation of Rs1 billion for the initiative, maintaining that the first installment would amount to Rs100 million. Meanwhile, another NGO, Akhuwat Foundation, also promised to donate Rs10 million in installments.

Imran warns of drought threat, appeals for dams’ donation

The CJP stressed the need for accelerating efforts to build dams as well as for steering the country out of the debt trap. “If immediate steps were not taken to resolve these critical issues, history would never forgive us,” he said, stressing the need for collective efforts in this regard.

“What will be our legacy to our future generations? Are we going to leave behind a mountain of debts? Do we want to leave them destitute? Are we going to leave a legacy of acute water shortages?” said the top judge. “We claim that we love our children, but what are we actually doing for them? Today, every individual is born, carrying a debt of Rs117,000,” he said.

Recalling a recent incident, Justice Nisar said he had recently visited Karachi Gymkhana where he encountered a very young girl who demanded of her mother to give her some money to be donated for the dams fund. He said he saw the girl’s mother handing her a 5,000-rupee note.

The CJP said that before handing him the money, the girl had asked him, “Uncle! You are the one who seeks funds for building dams.” He added, “This is how all Pakistanis need to donate for the sake of the country.”

CJP’s dams donation drive fails to woo overseas Pakistanis

Highlighting the Prime Minister’s appeal to the overseas Pakistanis for making dams donation, the CJP said that the expatriate community “proudly identifies itself with the country, and is always ready to play a role to steer the country out of troubles”.

“But what have we given to these overseas Pakistanis in exchange for their efforts?” he said. Many of them were facing troubles in getting their land freed from illegal occupation, he said, adding that they faced litigations lasting several years even when they rented their properties.

“We have to pay them back in the same coins … with the same love and respect they show for us. We must help them overcome all their problems.”


Dr. Asjad Iqbal | 4 years ago | Reply On the one hand the PTI government wants to build expensive dams, provide free medical care, free education and on the other hand it advises austerity. Both things are not possible at the same time. It is a simple case of balancing income and expenses. Maybe Mr. Imran Khan has never balanced his check book as he has quite a bit of money.
Rex | 4 years ago | Reply “overseas Pakistanis, especially those living in European countries, should contribute at least $100 to the PM/CJP’s fund for dams." Was it not $1000 per overseas Pakistanisl that was requested?
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