Attack at Lahore hospital (II)

June 01, 2010

LAHORE: The attack at Jinnah hospital reflects extremely poorly on the police as well the Punjab government. What kind of security was in place that the terrorists openly walked into a hospital and went about shooting anyone who came within their sight and firing range? What is the Punjab government waiting for before launching a crackdown on the militancy that seems to be fast engulfing the province? An attack on the assembly building?

Published in the Express Tribune, June 2nd, 2010.


Naseer Ahmad Nasir | 11 years ago | Reply We don't need to think that how they attack in hospital. They have complete geography and know how of Lahore hospital's and other places. What it means, Terrorist live within lahore, that's why they travel here and there with heavy weapons easily. The police barriers and other deployment on roads is unable to identify those terrorist. Above all of that terrorist easily able to run away from spot in police van. As my knowledge the radio transeiver fitted in police cabs can easily be traced. Any ways, This all strategies work when our police is trained to do something. One of my friend told me, who was near Model Town mosque during attack. That a young boy aged 16 were pursuing police men to enter into mosque and assure that he will tell them safe way to enter from backside through kitchen, But Police did not enter into mosque. Untill Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya boys able to locked up the terrorist. What Done in Garhi Shahu. Police did nothing. The terrorist by them blast their jackets after that police entered into mosque and show victory over dead bodies. May be after some days, terrorist will again appear at some other place and attack and police do their same action "Running behind the terrorist" or "Getting prize for what they do not did". God Helps Pakistan. God Helps Islam.
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