PM Imran takes notice as IG Punjab orders inquiry in Khawar Maneka case

Published: August 27, 2018
The officer had refused to apologise to Khawar Maneka after he intercepted the latter. PHOTO: FILE

The officer had refused to apologise to Khawar Maneka after he intercepted the latter. PHOTO: FILE

LAHORE: The district police officer (DPO) of Pakpattan who had reportedly pulled over Khawar Maneka – former husband of first lady Bushra Imran – four days ago has been transferred.

On August 23, it was reported that a police team led by DPO Rizwan Omar Gondal briefly intercepted Khawar’s car after he didn’t stop when signaled by the police to do so. Khawar was also believed to have misbehaved with the officials.

The officer was later directed to visit Maneka Dera, Khawar’s residence, and tender an apology to him for intercepting the vehicle.

The DPO told a meeting called by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar that the police department had only fulfilled its duties and that he won’t apologise to Khawar. Shortly after, the officer was transferred and asked to report to Central Police Office (CPO) in Lahore.

Punjab IGP refutes officer’s claims

Meanwhile, spokesperson of the Punjab police denied the transfer of DPO due to any pressure. He said that inspector-general of police (IGP) Kaleem Imam transferred the officer for falsely narrating the incident to higher authorities. He further said that the DPO repeatedly misreported the misbehaving of police with citizens.

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The spokesperson further said the IGP had ordered an inquiry against Gondal for manipulating the transfer orders and making the incident viral on social and electronic media. Gondal, he added, had been transferred for irresponsible behavior and lying.

The officers responsible for misconduct and misguiding the seniors deserved no leniency, the spokesperson maintained.

PM Imran takes notice

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the incident and has asked Punjab CM to submit an inquiry report into the matter.

Despite repeated attempts, Inspector General of Punjab Police Syed Kaleem Imam, spokesperson Punjab police Syed Nayab Haider, newly nominated Punjab Information Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan and Rizwan Gondal could not be reached for comment.

In 2016, DPO Bahawalnagar Shariq Kamal Siddique was dismissed from service after he conducted a raid on the residence of a member of the National Assembly belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz who had allegedly tortured police officials at a check-post after he was pulled over.

The incident also drew reactions on the social media:

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Reader Comments (10)

  • Mehtab
    Aug 27, 2018 - 6:46PM

    Thats not one is above the law. I stand by police and condemn all that Recommend

  • Nasir Hafeez Khan
    Aug 27, 2018 - 7:03PM

    This news is heartbreaking. It is not what is expected from Naya Pakistan. It should be investigated immediately and if true the officer doing his job should be re-instated to original post. In addition, the person ordering the transfer should be reprimanded.Recommend

  • Javed ali
    Aug 27, 2018 - 8:12PM

    Shame on pti if they ignore this concern of the policeman.Recommend

  • Major Dr Muhammad Alo
    Aug 27, 2018 - 9:08PM

    We stand with greatest brave DPO. Well done. Soon Allah will.give you rewardRecommend

  • Farooq Ahmed Khan
    Aug 27, 2018 - 9:27PM

    Very shameful on the part of PTI or whoever behind this dirty mentality. Who is Khawar Maneka and who tried to treat him like a VIP. Stop this non sense in future.Recommend

  • stevenson
    Aug 27, 2018 - 11:32PM

    This is really disturbing since it shows clearly that some people think they are above the law. This man Maneka divorced his wife so she could marry Imran Khan but now he feels he is allowed to do anything and abuse anyone. I am disappointed that PTI doesn’t live up to its talk.
    The police officer should be rewarded and promoting for doing his job!Recommend

  • Rana Tahir Mahmood
    Aug 28, 2018 - 12:18AM

    If the DPO is true, Purana Pakistan is much better than the so-called new Pakistan. The CM should thoroughly investigate the case and set an example from an anitio.Recommend

  • Striver
    Aug 28, 2018 - 12:20AM

    This goes against the ethos that IK is trying to introduce in PK. If this news is true, than we need assurance from the government that the CM will be advised to restore the officer to his former position.
    I thought the Kawar Maneka was a deeply religious person. He needs to recall meaning of Haqoo-ul-Ebaad. Respect for law and the individual are the basic teaching of Islam.

    Incidents like this will dishearten the supporters of IK and PTI. Somebody needs to speak with the CM to put him on the right track. Recommend

  • Zaida Parvez
    Aug 28, 2018 - 6:01AM

    Power corrupts totally !!Recommend

  • Waseem
    Aug 30, 2018 - 10:19AM

    According to complete news story the police chased and intercepted Khawar Manik’s car and then when he told them that he is Khawar Manika they said that the police was their for his security and for that Khawar Manika started abusing them because they were continuously interfering. Now tell me who do not want security protocol of police for himself. And according to this Gondal Khawar Manika abused them for giving him security. Get a life all of u. Do u really trust Punjab police as according to them the 14 people killed in Model Town were shot by their own people while every body saw police firing on Tv chanels. They way they treated the people who were protesting against Zainab’s murder and fired and killed two protesters. They are using social media to portray themselves to be honest. If they were that honest and good then why do the people want the police to change in Punjab like KPK. Recommend

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