QMC’s cleanliness claims fall short

Published: August 25, 2018
Quetta Mayor Dr Kaleemullah gives instructions regarding removal of garbage. PHOTO: ONLINE

Quetta Mayor Dr Kaleemullah gives instructions regarding removal of garbage. PHOTO: ONLINE

QUETTA: Tall claims of the Quetta Metropolitan Corporation officials fell short as lack of cleanliness during Eidul Azha, an occasion when camels, cows and goats are sacrificed to appease Allah, caused severe hardships for the people of the city.

All the garbage dumps located at various locations of the city were overflowing with offal and other waste of sacrificial animals.

Rain lays bare civic agency’s cleanliness claims

Breathing became difficult due to the stench emanating from the waste. On top of that, clogged sewage lines intensified the hurdles of the people as the dirty water flowing onto the streets made it difficult for them to sacrifice their animals. People of Zarghoon Road, Mcanoghey Road, Prince Road, Quary Road, Archer Road and its surrounding areas faced the most difficulties due to the sewage water.

The stench emanating from the waste of sacrificial animals lying on the corners of the street was impossible to tolerate. People found it difficult to breathe. Ahead of Eid, cleanliness was only seen in a couple of areas where the VIPs live, while the whole city with a population of 2.4 million was not clean.

Due to the rush at mosques, people had to stand outside near the dirty water and offer their Eid prayers, whereas, the chief sanitary inspector claimed that metropolitan corporation had made special arrangements for keeping Quetta clean.

Efforts intensified to revamp Quetta’s beauty: CM

Eighty per cent offal has been removed from the city. It took 133 vehicles and 150 workers to do the job.

However, the sanitary inspector claimed that 400 trucks took the offal and waste as well as garbage and dumped it far away from the city in open areas.

The dirty water-filled roads and overflowing garbage bumps has laid bare the tall claims of the government officials.

No steps were taken by the metropolitan corporation ahead of or during Eid to keep the city clean.

Call for keeping Quetta clean

Garbage was seen near public places and mosques.

According to the people of Quetta, the metropolitan corporation, keeping up its previous year’s performance, this year also did not keep the city clean.

Besides a few VIP areas, the corporation did not deem it necessary to clean the city or open the sewage lines clogged for the last many years.
Ninety per cent people of residential areas have cleaned the sewage lines themselves.

People of the city have demanded of the provincial government to take notice of the careless attitude of the concerned officials.

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