Pakistan to launch operation in North Waziristan: Report

"High placed sources" quoted as saying airforce planes would soften up militant targets before ground operations.

Reuters May 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to launch an air and ground military offensive in North Waziristan, the main sanctuary for al Qaeda and Taliban on the border with Afghanistan, a report in The News said on Monday.

The United States has long demanded that Pakistan launch an offensive in the region to hunt down the Haqqani network, one of the deadliest Afghan militant factions fighting American troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been reluctant, but has come under intense US pressure to launch an operation there.

The News newspaper quoted unnamed "highly placed sources" as saying Pakistani airforce planes would soften up militant targets under the "targeted military offensive" before ground operations were launched.

The report said an understanding had been reached over the offensive during last week's visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A US embassy official said he was checking into the report. Pakistani officials were not immediately available for comment.

Pakistan has maintained that its troops were already too stretched fighting Pakistani Taliban insurgents in other parts of the northwest to tackle North Waziristan.


Noise | 13 years ago | Reply First they wait years and let the half of the militants relocate into the surrounding areas and then finally they launch that operation as an eyewash. The military leadership is not sincere in ridding Pakistan of these factions. Next you'll hear that the militants main base is in Kurram or Oakzai and then the same thing will happen all over again. For the military leadership this has became a business. All they have to lose is the lives of their soldiers which to them apparently do not mean much, and the live of the people of Pakistan who continue to die at these terrorists hands everyday while the generals play their shady games with them and make $$
Amir | 13 years ago | Reply @Ali Hasnain Here are the corrections of your Questions and their Answers There were no suicide attacks before we started military operations in tribal areas. Why? There were no suicide attacks before XXXwe started military operationsXXX US started drone campaign in tribal areas. Why? [Answer: They think we assist them. Yes we did earlier but now we are not] We kill their children and expect them to love us. Why? [We never killed their children. In guerrilla wars civilian casualties does occur, don’t forget in 1947 millions were sacrificed. You think we blame Jinnah for that?] We want to crush them on US pressure and call them terrorists. Why? [What do you mean by ‘them’ this operation is not against people this is against those who are real culprits. Again there will be civilian causalities of course] Haqqani network is not involved in any terrorist activity in Pakistan but our army is still going to lauch an operation against them. Why? [This operation will not be against Haqqani I assure you they will be complete spared] We are not fighting our own war even then we expect positive results why? [Swat is good example. People welcomed the army. Situation here in NW is getting similar] We want Allah to help us over our friendship with Anti Islamic and Jews. (Americans). Why? [Something we cannot control because of our own weaknesses that’s why we seek Allah to help us make stronger so that we can stand up ]
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