Eidul Azha preparations: CDA cancels leaves of sanitary workers

Published: August 18, 2018


ISLAMABAD: With less than a week to go for Eidul Azha, the civic body has decided to cancel the leaves of more than 2,000 sanitary workers and officials of the relevant departments.

Sanitation workers will be participating in the special cleanliness operation on Eidul Azha to collect waste and offal of sacrificial animals from across the city and to properly dispose of it.

“The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will ensure cleanliness of Eidgahs and other places on the occasion Eidul Azha,” the civic body said on Friday.

Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz has directed the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC), which also supervises sanitation in the city, to finalise arrangements for a special cleanliness operation.

Under the plan, more than 2,000 sanitary workers and supervisory staff would be deployed across the federal capital. More than 100 vehicles from other different departments of the CDA and the IMC would also take part in this cleanliness operation.

The entire city has been divided into five zones.

Zone-I includes Saidpur village, Sectors G-5, E-7, F-5, F-6,F-7,F-8,F-10,F-11 and Golra. Zone-II comprises Sectors G-6, G-7, G-8 and the Blue Area.

Similarly Zone-III will include areas falling in Sectors G-9, G-10, G-11, and Mera Abadi. Zone-IV includes Sectors I-8, H-8, I-9, H-9, I-10, I-11 and the IJ Principal Road.

Zone-V will include areas falling on the eastern side of Islamabad Expressway including Sohan, Khanna Dak, and areas falling along the Lehtrrar Road such as Tarlai, Ali Pur, Frash Town, Bhara Kahu and four CDA Model Towns.

During the cleanliness operation, 60 deep ditches at 30 locations around the city have been dug where the offal and other waste of sacrificial animals will be disposed of.

Moreover, two emergency cells have also been established. One of these cells has been set up in the transport section of the fire headquarters. The other is set up at the Sanitation Directorate in Sector G-6/4 which would be functional around the clock.

The IMC has urged citizens of the federal capital to cooperate with sanitation staff and do dump offal and other waste material in the green areas. Rather, they have been advised to keep them in front of their houses so that the sanitation workers can easily pick them up and dispose of them in the proper manner.

In case of any complaint or request to dispose of waste, residents of the capital can call the sanitation directorate’s helpline 1334 or on the telephone lines 051-9213908 and 051-9211555. Moreover, residents can also launch their complaints by WhatsApp and SMS on the mobile number 0335-5001213.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 18th, 2018.

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