ECP to announce poll results tomorrow

Published: August 6, 2018


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan will notify official results of the recently-held general election by August 7 (Tuesday).

According to existing constitutional and electoral provisions, the ECP is bound to declare the results within 14 days.

Elections for the National Assembly as well as four provincial legislatures – Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies – were held on July 25.

Results of constituencies where vote recount is pending or the results are contested in courts will be notified later.

Article 224 (1) of the Constitution read: “Election and bye-election – A general election to the National Assembly or a Provincial Assembly shall be held within a period of sixty days immediately [following] the day on which the term of the Assembly is due to expire, unless the Assembly has been sooner dissolved, and the results of the election shall be declared not later than fourteen days before that day.

Provided that on dissolution of an Assembly on completion of its term, the President, in his discretion, or, as the case may be, the Governor, in his discretion but with the previous approval of the President, shall appoint a care-taker Cabinet.”

In a statement issued here on Sunday, the ECP clarified ‘speculations’ surrounding the results insisting that the results would be notified by August 7.

Earlier, there were reports suggesting that the ECP would notify the results on August 9.

After the ECP issues notifications for successful candidates, independent candidates would be given three days to decide joining any political party or retaining their independent status.

Subsequently, the ECP would notify successful candidates on reserved seats for minorities and women on August 11.

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Following this, the president of Pakistan and provincial governors would summon sessions of the assemblies concerned for administering oaths of office and elect speakers, deputy speakers, and leaders of the houses (prime minister, chief ministers).

Section 3 (5) of Allocation of Reserved Seats for Women and Non-Muslims (Procedure) Rules 2002 read: “For the purpose of this rule the expression total number of general seats won by political party shall include the independent returned candidate or candidates who may duly join such political party within three days of the publication in the official Gazette of the names of the returned candidates.

Provided that the independent candidate applies to the leader of political party for joining his party and the leader of political party forthwith informs the Election Commission of his joining through a letter to be delivered to the Election Commission.”

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