PPP's 'teer' strikes again, party bags 74 seats in Sindh

Published: July 26, 2018


The Express Tribune brings you results of the Sindh Assembly seats.

According to unofficial results, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is leading in Sindh. Additional director of the Election Commission of Pakistan announced that PPP is on its way to gain majority in the Sindh Assembly with 74 seats. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf trails behind with 22 seats, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan on third place with 16 seats.


PartyCandidateObtained VotesResultsConstituency
PTIMuhammad Aslam Abro36896164 / 164PS-1
PPPPSohrab Khan Sirki30339153 / 153PS-2
PPPPMumtaz Hussain Khan31662155 / 155PS-3
PPPPAbdul Rauf Khosa36519145 / 145PS-4
PPPPGhulam Abid Khan30002118 / 118PS-5
PPPPCh. Imtiaz Ahmed44929160 / 160PS-7
GDAShahryar Khan Mehar37706141 / 141PS-8
PPPPAgha Siraj Durrani51660155 / 155PS-9
PPPPFaryal Talpur53627189 / 189PS-10
GDAMoazzam Ali Khan32178147 / 147PS-11
PPPPSohail Anwar48997180 / 180PS-12
PPPPHazabullah Baghio46101179 / 179PS-13
PPPPMir Nadir Ali Magsi32386139 / 139PS-14
PPPPGhanwer Ali Khan40219128 / 128PS-15
PPPPSardar Khan Chandio42000135 / 135PS-16
PPPPBurhan Chandio40074138 / 138PS-17
PTIShahar Yar Khan Shar49474153 / 153PS-18
PPPPAbdul Bari45413150 / 150PS-19
GDAAli Gohar Khan Mehar41496147 / 147PS-20
PPPPAli Nawaz Khan Mahar32195142 / 142PS-21
PPPPIkramullah Khan20600126 / 126PS-22
PPPPAwais Qadir Shah43721131 / 131PS-23
PPPPFarukh Ahmed Shah34198157 / 157PS-24
PPPPNasir Hussain Shah42490173 / 173PS-25
PPPPSyed Qaim Ali Shah48242144 / 144PS-26
PPPPMunawar Ali Wasan55720118 / 118PS-27
PPPPSajid Ali Banbhan40500115 / 115PS-28
PPPPPir Fazal Ali39031124 / 124PS-30
PPPPNaeem Ahmed Khiral36392132 / 132PS-31
GDARashid Shah36176127 / 127PS-32
PPPPSarfaraz Hussain Shah52949161 / 161PS-33
PPPPSyed Murad Ali Shah51419188 / 188PS-34
PPPPMumtaz Ali38432166 / 166PS-35
GDAArif Mustafa Jatoi47406166 / 166PS-36
PPPPAzra Fazal Pechoho55524176 / 176PS-37
PPPPTariq Masood Araien47401211 / 211PS-38
PPPPGhulam Qadir Chandio58060187 / 187PS-39
PPPPKhan Muhammad Dahri55393198 / 198PS-40
GDAAli Ghulam36024134 / 134PS-41
GDAQazi Shams din44370130 / 130PS-42
PPPPJam Madad Ali Khan44737125 / 125PS-43
PPPPFaraz54119147 / 147PS-44
PPPPShahid Thahim45620136 / 136PS-45
GDAWaryam Faqeer42393129 / 129PS-46
PPPPHari Ram33201187 / 187PS-47
PPPPSyed Zulifqar Ali38097131 / 131PS-48
PPPPNoor Ahmad Bhrgri52450164 / 164PS-49
PPPPTariq Ali50119156 / 156PS-50
PPPPGhulam Mustafa56657152 / 152PS-51
PPPPSyed Ali Mardan Shah52139118 / 118PS-52
PPPPM. Taimur Talpur55155140 / 140PS-53
GDAAbdul Razaq25955120 / 120PS-54
PPPPMuhammad Qasim47458168 / 168PS-55
PPPPFaqeer Sher Bilalani54755174 / 174PS-56
PPPPArbab Lutfullah65016195 / 195PS-57
PPPPMehoob Zaman56811192 / 192PS-58
PPPPMakhdoom Rafik Zaman46320169 / 169PS-59
PPPPSyed Zia Abbas Shah51293171 / 171PS-60
PPPPImdad Ali Pitafi43617148 / 148PS-61
PPPPJam Khan Shoro35275103 / 103PS-62
PPPPSherjeel Inam44243124 / 124PS-63
PPPPAbdul Jabbar21880139 / 139PS-64
MQMNadeem Ahmed28156156 / 156PS-65
PSPAhmed Rasheed30110191 / 191PS-66
MQMNasir Hussain22329137 / 137PS-67
PPPPEjaz Hussain Bokhari32659148 / 148PS-68
PPPPAbdul Kareem Soomro32105135 / 135PS-69
PPPPBashir Ahmad44385121 / 121PS-70
PPPPMir Allah Bux Talpur37745130 / 130PS-71
GDAHasnen Mirza43111140 / 140PS-72
PPPPTaj Muhammad40530133 / 133PS-73
PPPPMuhammad ismail Rahu43145127 / 127PS-74
PPPPHussain Sherazi61407172 / 172PS-75
PPPPMuhammad Ali Malkani51118155 / 155PS-76
PPPPRiaz Hussain Sheerazi49348135 / 135PS-77
PPPPAli Hassan50005126 / 126PS-78
PPPPJam Awais Bijar48270136 / 136PS-79
PPPPSyed Murad Ali Shah50467157 / 157PS-80
PPPPGiyanoo Mal34927140 / 140PS-81
PPPPMalik Asad Sikandar35920154 / 154PS-82
PPPPAbdul Aziz Junejo51989175 / 175PS-83
PPPPFayyaz Ali Butt42218154 / 154PS-84
PPPPPir Mujeeb Ul Haq47378171 / 171PS-85
PPPPGhulam Shah Jilani43691158 / 158PS-86
PPPPGhulam Murtaza22561106 / 106PS-88
PPPPMuhammad Saleem23923119 / 119PS-89
PPPPAbdul Razaq Raja1631285 / 85PS-90
PPPPMahmood Alam Jamot17876102 / 102PS-91
MQMM. Hussain Khan29889126 / 126PS-92
MQMMuhammad Wajahat32729149 / 149PS-94
MQMM. Jawed Hanif Khan21254108 / 108PS-95
MQMGhulam Jellani19863103 / 103PS-96
PTIRaja Azhar Khan1047372 / 72PS-97
PTIAdeel Ahmed1441592 / 92PS-98
PTIHaleem Adil Sheikh605832 / 32PS-99
PTIKarim Bux Gabol1719766 / 66PS-100
PTIFirdous Shamim Naqvi2803482 / 82PS-101
PTIArslan Taj Hassan47946134 / 134PS-102
PTIBilal ahmed41451122 / 122PS-103
PPPPSaeed Ghani2572688 / 88PS-104
PTIMuhammad Ali Aziz28881127 / 127PS-105
PTIJamal Uddin Siddui25837102 / 102PS-106
TLPYounus Soomro26248103 / 103PS-107
MMAPSyed Abdul Rasheed1682194 / 94PS-108
PTIRamazan23345104 / 104PS-109
PTIKhurram Sher Zaman38878103 / 103PS-110
PTIImran Ismail3057680 / 80PS-111
PPPPLiaquat Ali Askani11971102 / 102PS-112
PTIShah Nawaz Jadoon18685109 / 109PS-113
PTIMuhammad Shabbir13321128 / 128PS-114
TLPMuhammad Qasim21596154 / 154PS-115
PTIMalik Shehzad Awan996878 / 78PS-116
MQMSadaqat Hussain25441127 / 127PS-117
MQMAdeel Shahzad18491125 / 125PS-118
MQMAli Khurshidi23532120 / 120PS-119
PTISaeed Ahmed14561119 / 119PS-120
MQMBasit Ahmed Siddiqui993685 / 85PS-121
PTIAbbas Jafri30687156 / 156PS-125
PTIOmar Ammari30337150 / 150PS-126
PTISyed Imran Ali Shah39118136 / 136PS-129
PTIMuhammad Riaz Haider39984146 / 146PS-130

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Flix
    Jul 27, 2018 - 10:38AM

    People of Sindh should not complain for the next 5 years either. They keep electing the party that has destroyed the province. People of Karachi finally learned their lesson though!Recommend

  • Saad Shibli
    Jul 27, 2018 - 7:38PM

    Process of conducting election is designed for hardship and expensive, we can adopt simple but without wrong. Present system do not allow real mythology of election. I have designed a very good procedure with minimum cost and 95% voting casting.Recommend

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