General elections: Help The Express Tribune report irregularities

Published: July 24, 2018


Be our eyes on the ground. With the nation on the cusp of experiencing a democratic transition of power, report irregularities wherever you see them. Feel free to reach The Express Tribune on WhatsApp (0320 8220593) or Twitter @etribune.



  • Registration
  • Locating polling stations
  • Challenges for women voters
  • Long waiting time
  • Votes already cast
  • Voter intimidation
  • Areas with mobile populations
  • Ballot paper woes
  • Lack of polling booth privacy
  • Citizens barred from voting (women especially)
  • Candidates enjoying official patronage
  • Violence
  • Aerial firing, explosions near polling stations
  • Blanket ban on electioneering within 400 metres of polling stations being flouted
  • Violence on part of officials or party activists
  • Camps established by political parties indulging in electioneering.
  • Polling agent bearing documents revealing party affiliation
  • Bribery
  • Candidates or party activists seizing polling stations
  • Ballot papers tampered with or smuggled out of polling stations
  • Exhibiting firearms at or in vicinity of polling stations
  • Interfering in recording of a vote


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