Ahmadi man stabbed to death

An Ahmadi man was stabbed to death by an enraged Muslim in the town of Narowal on Monday.

Express May 31, 2010

An Ahmadi man was stabbed to death by an enraged Muslim in the town of Narowal on Monday.

The incident came just three days after gun, grenade and suicide attacks on the minority group killed more than 80 people, police said.

The stabbing took place in the town of Narowal, some 100 kilometers northeast of Lahore.

"In the morning, a man identified as Abid Butt climbed the wall of the house of a local Ahmadi family and stabbed Naimatullah, 55, and his son Mansoor Ahmed," local police station chief Riaz Sangha told AFP by telephone.

Naimatullah died of knife wounds while Ahmed was rushed to hospital, he added.

Sangha said that the attacker escaped and quoted local residents as saying that the assailant threatened to not leave any Ahmadi alive.

Salim-ud-din, a spokesman for Lahore's Ahmadi community "strongly condemned" what he called a case of "targeted killing."


Tanzeel | 11 years ago | Reply For the sake humanity Ahmedis should immediately be given Muslim status.
FH | 11 years ago | Reply @Juko: No this is not ISLAM...we always compare Islam with extremism...both r two separate things...for that matter each person of this islamic nation as well as others who hate Islam so badly, should deeply study that what these two terms refer to...this is the only ILMIA with us... @Shiraz: we all agree that this incident is shameful and damaging, but we can not say that some is living like an animal or so...first its not like that, secondly its upon one's own discretion, if some one considers that he/she is living a worst life like an animal, then he/she shud change the place to live, and lastly at times we can learn from animals that how to live... and for sure it is condemnable, not in case of ahmadis only, but in case of everyone...seems like we are living in barbaric era, these type of things are weaknesses of Govt...yahan jungle ka raaj hai...we say we r living in an islamic democratic republic...its not true, we are not living in a state at all...for this matter Aristotle said: "one who is without a state is either above humanity (god) or below humanity (animal), he is tribless, lawless and heartless one" and yes we have to admit that we r living without a state...
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