5 unconventional uses of mainstream sauces

Published: August 20, 2018
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If I ask you to list down your favourite savoury dishes, you will run out of paper, but have you ever thought about the sauces in the soups that keep you warm in winters and the spices in pakoras that liven up your rainy days? As I looked at the Shangrila trio seasonings pack, I wondered if I could use the treasure trove of spices in my kitchen for non-culinary uses. I was surprised by this epiphany because I had seen Shangrila’s ketchup and pickles on my dining table for the past 25 years and never wondered about this.

Here are some hacks that made my life easier:

  1. Soy Sauce

You can take your dessert game to next level with Shangrila soy sauce. Yeah, you read that right. It not only amplifies the flavour of dessert, but also gives a distinct aroma of browned butter to the food as well. So the next time you make vanilla ice cream, add some soy sauce to bring out the butterscotch flavour. I also discovered that I could preserve the motley of sauces in my pantry by adding few drops of soy sauce to each bottle.


  1. Vinegar

The cleaning powers of vinegar are unparalleled. I use it generously to remove the scum from the blender carafe and shine stainless steel appliances. However, I did not know that this viscous liquid is the panacea to all of my foot problems. I love to soak my feet in a mixture of warm water and Shangrila vinegar after a tiring day.

Shangrila Vinegar

It treats hard and dry feet, warts and toenail fungus. If you can not deem to air your feet in company or are repulsed by the itching skin at the soles of your feet that is chipping off, take my word, vinegar is the magic word!

  1. Mustard

The month long injection of FIFA madness left me with a soaring throat and a raging headache as I oscillated between bouts of depression and giddiness. With muttered complains I gulped down the glass of hot milk with mustard that my mother forced on me. It worked like magic!

She swears by this golden jar of happiness as she uses it to fight greasy pans, smelly dishes and jars. If you can fight the pungent smell and resist the temptation to lick it, go ahead and use it as a face and hair mask. The wealth of vitamins A, C and K in mustard will add a glow to your hair and skin.

  1. Mayonnaise

I used to think that my maid used  mayonnaise on her head to kill lice because the shampoo was pricier. But I later came to know that it works better and unlike the anti-lice shampoo, has no harmful substances. Lather mayonnaise on your hair overnight and wash it off with shampoo the next day.

Since mayo makes your hair really silky, it will be easier to trap the lice when you comb your hair. Moreover, If you do not like the idea of oiling your door hinges, you can cover them with mayonnaise to stop the squeaking sounds.

  1. Ketchup

Life without ketchup is so unimaginable. Guilty confession- I even have it with biryani. But my love for ketchup increased when I used a packet of frozen ketchup on my grazed knee. I would have normally used frozen tomato sauce but even ketchup instantly soothed the angry red fermented skin.


If you swim regularly and are too lazy to wear a hair cap, you must have noticed a greenish hue to your hair. That is chlorine for you! Now, the next time you shampoo after swimming, apply some ketchup on the roots and ends of your air.  Wait at least five minutes before rinsing it off. I can guarantee that your hair colour will restore over time.


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