Timeline: Major attacks on the armed forces in Pakistan

A timeline of some of the major attacks on Pakistan’s armed forces.

Express May 23, 2011

The attack on PNS Mehran in Karachi is the latest in a series of attacks on the armed forces of Pakistan outside the warzone.

Here is a timeline of some of the major attacks on Pakistan’s armed forces:

March 24, 2008: Suicide bombers attacked Pakistan Navy War College in Lahore, killing four people and injuring 23.

October 10, 2009: Ten terrorists dressed in army uniforms attacked the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, resulting in the death of six army personnel. A Brigadier and a Lieutenant Colonel were among those killed in the attack claimed by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

December 4, 2009: At least 36 people were killed and 83 injured when six suicide bombers opened fire and hurled grenades at worshippers gathered inside the Parade Lane Mosque off Peshawar Road in Rawalpindi. All six suicide bombers were believed to have blown themselves up during the attack. The dead included a brigadier, a colonel, two lieutenant colonels, two majors, three soldiers and 17 children. The TTP had claimed the attack on the mosque.

April 26, 2011: Twin blasts targeted two Pakistan Navy buses carrying officials in Karachi. The blast resulted in the death of four and 56 others were injured. The TTP once again claimed these attacks.

April 28, 2011: A bomb ripped through a Pakistan Navy bus near PNS Karsaz, resulting in the death of five people and injuring 13 others. TTP spokesman claimed the attack which killed four navy personnel.


Anns Gujjar | 12 years ago | Reply @ Ram Are you suggesting that these gun totting TTP members are born with the expertise and agility of commandos. For surely, these attacks are too well orchestrated to be coming from a pathan gone bad. There is more to it than we can see. @Wahab This of course does not mean that we start blaming external forces. The problem and its solution lies within. We have to stand up as a nation and sort this out.May Allah guide us all to Peace. Ameen!
Ram | 12 years ago | Reply @Wahab How can you be so well trained to believe conspiracy theories that you don't believe your own eyes and ears? I wonder.
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