Eid celebrated with religious fervour in Quetta

Traditional dish khadi kabab remains the favourite during all the three days

Our Correspondent June 20, 2018
Children riding a camel on the occasion of Eidul Fitr. PHOTO: EXPRESS

QUETTA: Eidul Fitr was celebrated with religious fervour in Quetta. People prayed for peace in the country and stability in the Muslim world during Eid prayers.

Homes were filled with guests and relatives exchanging Eid greetings, while the tantalising aroma of traditional dishes emitting from the homes was enough to whet one’s appetite.

Outside in the street fairs, children enjoyed camel rides and merry-go-round. Youth enjoyed the tasty food, especially the famous khadi kabab, and danced to the traditional Balochi and Pashtun music in the waterfall area.

Eid prayer was held at 100 different places, including grounds, Eidgahs, mosques and imambargahs.

Addressing the congregations, religious leaders reminded the participants that Eidul Fitr was an opportunity for the Muslims to include orphans, widows, poor and downtrodden people in their happiness and achieve spiritual tranquility and God’s goodwill.

They said that Allah’s book Quran was descended for guidance and salvation and “we can gain betterment for this world and the one hereafter by following the teachings of Islam plainly stated in the holy book”.

People sought forgiveness for their sins and resolved to lead their lives according to Allah’s will.

Special prayers were made for the stability of the country and for those martyred in the war against terrorism.

They prayed for the Muslims facing atrocities in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia and Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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Prayers for solving the problems of those in trouble were also made.
Special arrangements were made for Eid gatherings.

People, including children, visited graveyards on the first day of Eid and showered roses and petals on the graves of their loved ones.
The celebrations continued during all the three days of Eid. Various dishes were served to the people on dining tables spread out in the streets and neighbourhoods.

Children enjoyed camel and horse rides from the money they got as Eidi from the guests visiting their homes. They ate ice cream, chat and ice candies also with their Eidi.

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The children enjoying street fairs set up on Balochi Street and Keeqabad Road said that every year they wait for Eid so that they could enjoy the various kinds of rides. Apart from children, parents were also happy seeing their joyous children.

On the other hand, like every year, this year also the occasion was a source of income for the owners of stalls and fairs.
A large number of youth was seen enjoying themselves in the mountains of Anna Orak where the natural waterfall is a sight for sore eyes.

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They also played the famous ladder and snake game, danced to the traditional beats and enjoyed food cooked on bonfire.

The people visiting Anna Orak said that while they spent the first day of Eid with their relatives, they chose this place to spend time with their friends.

“This is a scenic mountainous place perfect to enjoy a picnic,” they said.
On the third day of Eid, a large number of people rushed to hotels and eateries to enjoy the traditional spicy food. The khadi kabab was the star dish.

Families thronged the parks of the city during all the three days of Eid. Markets and shopping plazas remained closed, but that did not stop the transporters from increasing fares.


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