India should seriously consider 'limited war' with Pakistan: BJP leader

Published: June 17, 2018


A leader of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and former Indian minister for occupied Kashmir has said that the Modi government should seriously consider a limited war with Pakistan to teach the Muslim country a lesson, reported The Economic Times.

“Time has come to make the cost of military engagement of any kind with India unaffordable for Pakistan and for that a limited war with Pakistan, which several military strategists have recommended, should be seriously considered and that too at the earliest,” Chaudhry Lal Singh was quoted as saying by the Indian publication.

The outburst came as Indian forces continued to heighten tensions on the border with Pakistan by engaging in unprovoked ceasefire violations which have claimed the lives of many innocent civilians.

War with Pakistan is inevitable: BJP MP 

According to the former minister, the local stakeholders in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) who were pleading for dialogue in the conflict-ridden valley were blinded by political ambition, and should instead seek tough action against Pakistan.

“They [political parties] have become vociferous advocates of Pakistan. They have doubled their efforts to prevent the central government from taking an aggressive stance against Pakistan,” said Singh.

He added that the proposal of the state government for peace was not a permanent solution but continuity of the status-quo.

Nuclearisation of Indian Ocean pushing Pakistan, India closer to war: report

“Killings will go on and we would be doing nothing but offering condolences and paying homage,” he added.

The BJP leader was of the opinion that things would not go on for this too long, and that people in India were losing patience.

Singh, who resigned following accusations that he supported Hindu perpetrators behind the Kathua rape and murder case in IoK, said “I do not understand why leaders of regional parties have a special place for Pakistan in their hearts and minds?”

India advised to stop ‘warmongering’ 

He said they were not worried about issues concerning their constituencies and their focus was on how the central government has to be stopped from going all out against Pakistan.

“Thousands of border dwellers are worried about their future and are demanding ‘a permanent solution’ to the repeated violations of ceasefire on the international border,” he said.

New Delhi should stop listening to Kashmir-based politicians, the senior BJP leader insisted.

This article originally appeared in The Economic Times

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Reader Comments (3)

  • Zahid
    Jun 18, 2018 - 4:11AM

    In 1999 USA planned and launched 9/11, to inflicted Limited war in Afghanistan and on account of it was about to bankrupt then China, Japan and Canada saved USA, otherwise there could have surfaced 58 New Countries on the earth.
    India and Pakistan had common Masters and common social agents,who are watching the interests of the west very closely and are assigned with the tasks to engage Pakistan and India and India vs China, Afghanistan vs Pakistan in state of conflict over conflict : to maintain Market of Billions of USD in the region.As a result These Governments are unable to provide Full Nutrition for Health to their Population consequently Billions of Patients: another Market for the West : Trillion US $ Health Care Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Insurance Industry for the West. Pakistan will get nothing if Kashmir is given to her as India could not get anything by separating Bangladesh: just added the misery of General Public of the Three Countries by the Agents of the West in these countries: True Rulers.
    The Miseries of the General Public will be resolved when real rulers of the Public are able to overcome the sentiments of Dominance and Sub-dueing the other, Slavery of the Westren Consupmtious Social pattern and and Patting on the back by the West.Recommend

  • Bunny Rabbit
    Jun 18, 2018 - 10:54AM

    WAR begets only starvation and diseases and misery .lets not talk about that . Recommend

  • Abrar Haq
    Jun 18, 2018 - 3:37PM

    Country with the largest population of poor people wanting to go to war with a nuclear power. Its all bluster for votes. Indians dont have the balls to fight a limited war let alone full scale war. Bollywood isnt real life ;)Recommend

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