Eid around corner: Shopping reaches frenzy peak

Published: June 14, 2018
Rush of buyers in Raja Bazaar of Rawalpindi. PHOTO: PPI

Rush of buyers in Raja Bazaar of Rawalpindi. PHOTO: PPI

RAWALPINDI: The stalls of cosmetic, henna and bangles, most sought after items for Eidul Fitr, have been set up everywhere particularly in busy markets and bazaars of the city as Eid shopping is in full swing and reached its peak.

With Eid just around the corner, there is shopping frenzy in the markets of the twin cities where shops and stalls are open till early hours.

The taraveeh prayers of Ramazan are also over in most of the mosques and people are enjoying night out in the town with friends and family spending hours to buy simple things like socks or hair bands while enjoying street food and snacks.

Eid shopping picks up despite harsh weather

A festive environment in shopping was noticed at the busy markets including, Tench Bhatta, Saddar, Lalkurti, Moti Bazar, Commercial Market and several other markets of the garrison town.

Similarly the major markets of the capital witnessed huge rush of people especially youngsters and children who are eager to complete their shopping before Chand Raat.

The vendors have set up various stalls of bangles, jewellery, henna and other stuff in the main markets including Super, Jinnah Super, Aabpara and Karachi Company to attract the customers.

Different fashion brands and boutiques have displayed an exquisite variety of fabrics offering different price ranges according to the affordability of the customers.

The shopping frenzy has reached its peak during the last Ashra of Ramazan with only two or three days left in the Eid while the women are busy now in buying the food items like vermecilli, meat and other eatables for Eid.

“Buyers have started showing keen interest in Eid shopping during the third Ashra of Ramazan and we are making good business this year,” Kamran Khan, a shopkeeper at Karachi Company said.

He observed that he has witnessed more rush of the people during these days as compared to the last Eid hoping that he will have good profit,” he added.

Hina, a young girl said, “I bought my Eid dress and shoes and will go for rest of the things including bangles, jewellery and henna on Chaand Raat with my friends.

She said most of the shops have displayed new Eid collections of dresses, shoes, hand bags and other stuff and it is better to buy such things during the mid of Ramazan otherwise the good stuff is purchased by the people.

Eid on June 16, predicts Ruet-e-Hilal research chief

The shopkeepers and their helpers were busy till late night in managing the customers, showing them the goods and bargaining with them. The families were seen to throng the markets to pick up their choices for Eid.

Many varieties of goods, including foreign brands particularly Chinese, are found in abundance. Shoppers were also frequenting readymade garment. The shops were flooded with garments for men, women and children, with the latest designs, particularly for children.

Children and women are more enthusiastic in choosing new and unique design clothes to wear on the occasion of Eid.

The rush of the customers at the shopping centres starts from evening and continued till closing of the shops before Sehri.

The illuminated stalls across the city are offering a huge variety of colourful bangles that includes the glittering ones, accessories including necklace, rings, anklets and earrings and a variety of mehndi brands claiming to give darkest shades.

Some of the citizens are also buying other items like new furniture and decorative items for their homes.

Although, there are many who have confined themselves to window shopping only, others who can afford seem not really happy with the price hike. But, they still continue to shop.

With the rise in number of buyers, traffic jam in the city’s busy market places and intersections, particularly in front of shopping centres has become a routine.

Despite special arrangements of traffic police, traffic remained choked in the markets due to sheer lack of traffic sense, encroachments, illegal parking and overall trend of law breaking. Policewomen have also been deployed in various busy shopping malls at Saddar Bazaar, Raja Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Commercial Market, Lalkurti and other busy markets of the city.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 14th, 2018.

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