Deepika Padukone talks depression in light of Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain's suicides

Actor penned a heartfelt note on Instagram on the matter

Entertainment Desk June 13, 2018

Following the deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain last week, Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone took it upon herself to talk about mental health once again, reported Hindustan Times.

On Tuesday, Padukone reiterated a message posted her The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF). The organisation has used Spade and Bourdain as examples to further  stress upon issues related to mental health and how they can prove to be fatal.

Designer Kate Spade found dead in her apartment in apparent suicide: police

Quoting World Health Organistion (WHO) statistics, Padukone's post read, "Every 40 seconds a person dies by suicide. Last week, the world lost two of its shining stars to the growing epidemic that is depression. They did not take their own life - depression did."

Padukone explains that people have a misconception that depression can be controlled. She pens, "Asking someone to 'snap out of it' is like telling someone with a broken foot to start walking."

The Padmaavat actor's post also mentions that Spade and Bourdain were pioneers in their field. They did not only pave the way for fashion and food but were also loved by people across the globe. It further states that the two seemed "happy" so "how did they fall into depression?"

Celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain commits suicide

TLLLF aims to break the taboo about depression. It helps the sufferers of the illness to come forth and communicate their feelings so that they can be treated - just like how one would be treated for a cold or fever.


Spade was a respected designer. She was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on June 5. Reports state that the 55-year-old hung herself. Later, her husband revealed that the late designer had been battling depression for quite a few years. Likewise, Bourdain hung himself in his France hotel room three days after Spade's death - on June 8.

Last year, celebrated singers such as Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington also committed suicide due to depression. Earlier in 2018, Swedish DJ Avicii was also found to have committed suicide in his Oman hotel room.

In 2017, Padukone wrote a personal piece for the publication in which she revealed her own battle with depression. She wrote, "There’s absolutely no shame if you suffer from depression. Please don’t hide it, feel angry, think of yourself as weak, or consider it a character flaw. It is not your fault if you are depressed. Acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery."

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