Nestle's TVC gives a new meaning to 'Eid ki teen jhapiyan'

Published: June 13, 2018
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Eid ki teen jhapiyan – is it a tradition, a religious phenomenon or a cultural norm? Eid is about waking up and greeting your loved ones with the warmest jhapi (hug) – but have we really thought about the significance of these three hugs? We haven’t, but someone did.

While our social media feeds were oozing Ramazan goodness by other brands, this brand did its research and hit the audience right where their hearts were! Nestlé Fruita Vitals released its Eid commercial this weekend and we don’t want to miss a chance to express our awe!


It employs a thought provoking concept that explores the strained relationship between two brothers (mainly due to the unavailability of the elder one) and gives a new meaning to ‘Eid ki teen jhapiyan’.

The story starts with the surprise visit of Abbas (the elder brother) on Eid.  Meanwhile, Ali, the younger brother, unaware of his entry, starts pouring out his heart about how he feels so distant from his brother.


Ali stops his rant mid-sentence as he runs into his brother in the hallway. Abbas, having heard Ali’s complaints, moves forward and pulls him into a tight hug. He hugs Ali for all the calls that he ignored and mutters an apology. Then he embraces him for never forgetting his elder brother. As he moves in for the last hug, Abbas looks at his brother lovingly and says “and this hug is just because I want to”.

As we see their mother brushing off tears, we feel our eyes water as well. This beautiful sibling reunion yet again reminds us what Nestlé Fruita Vitals stands for – the power of positivity that eclipses all bitterness.

Understand the meaning each time you hug someone this Eid; it can be an expression of apology, gratitude or affection. Watch the TVC to get inspired by the story of Ali and Abbas.

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