China to take control of Gwadar Port

China will take over control of the Gwadar Port Authority once the contract with the Singapore Port Authority ends.

Express May 21, 2011

Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar said that China has agreed to take control of operations at the Gwadar Port.

In a statement issued after his visit to China, the Defence Minister said that China will take over control of the Gwadar Port Authority once the contract with the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) expires.

Former president Pervez Musharraf had given management and operational control of Gwadar Port to PSA in February 2007 for a period of 40 years.

However, Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani sought cancellation of the agreement through the Supreme Court.

Mukhtar also revealed in his statement that Pakistan has requested China to give it a 4400 tonne frigate on credit basis.

China also agreed to equip the Pakistan Air Force with the latest FC 20 aircraft.


pakistani | 10 years ago | Reply Can you smell something in burning at our neighbours lol :P
South African | 10 years ago | Reply Strategically, its better to partner China then the USA. China is a neighbour and the next superpower.USA is in the decline. USA is too aligned to Israel and their main aim is too create disunity between muslims and muslim countries and everything they do is for their own benefit and interest.The USA is an unrealiable "friend".They are your friends today and enemy tomorrow ( ask Hosni Bubarak of Egypt ). USA invades countries on little flimsy excuses that don't toe its line, unlike China which did not invade any country I know off. Its best to be independent but if you have to choose, choose China Pakistan can go it alone and be neutral and independent BUT it will soon have to face the wrath of USA. USA can create a reason overnight to attack Pakistan, then what ( just like Iraq, Afghanistan now Libya and there is room for more Muslim countries on the USA list. .....). Its better for Pakisatn to get a "big brother" like China. Once Chinese have some assets (military, ports etc ) in Pakistan, USA will need to keep away. Don't give your country away to China, but use your strategic position to the open sea wisely. China needs access to the Arabian Sea and you need protection from USA, Both need each other this moment .USA will want to attack you someday, so act quick. The USA wants to neutralise Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, so stay far from them.Do not allow then access to your country.Make friends with your neighbour Iran, Afghanistan, China instead. The money USA gives you, don't worry about losing it, trade with China, Iran instead to make up for it. Don't let USA create mistrust between Sunni, shia, taliban etc. Taliban are your true friends, i love them for their truth, sincerity, bravoury and love for Allah and jihad. Don't let USA kill your own people using drones etc. Its very painful as Muslim to see how Pakistani's kill each other and are so disunited.The true instigator of disunity is the USA. Disunity creates weakness and the enemy wins.Its sad the government of pakistan allows USA to operate drones to kill its own people. Wake up pakistan !!!
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