Ex-CJP Chaudhry to challenge Imran on Sita White issue

Says he can prove Tyrian White is PTI chief’s daughter

Our Correspondent June 10, 2018
Imran Khan & Iftikhar Chaudhry. PHOTOS: File

KARACHI: Former chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said he will file a case against PTI chief Imran Khan’s eligibility to hold public office under Article 62 (1)(f) over allegations that he fathered a “love child”.

Chaudhry, now the president of the Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party, claimed during an interview with a private news channel on Sunday that he has evidence to show that Khan has admitted to being the father of Tyrian White while abroad, but denies the same in Pakistan. He said his party would file objections against Khan’s nomination papers before the relevant ROs.

Chaudhry said that there is legal precedent for politicians to be disqualified for dishonesty under Article 62 (1)(f), and after receiving documents which confirm the parentage of the child, he believes Khan should not be considered ‘sadiq and ameen’ in terms of the Constitutional article.

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“Khan has mentioned his sons in his nomination papers but made no mention of his daughter. We shall take the case against him in the Supreme Court,” he said, adding that leaders should be ethically clean and honest. It is a matter of character, morality, and law,” he said.

He asked how Khan can go around the world speaking of justice when “he is not even willing to recognise his own daughter”.

“We want that whosoever is the leader of our country should not have such allegations against them because it is a matter of trust,” he said. At another point in the interview, he noted that the issue has never been raised before a court in Pakistan. “Now it should be adjudicated on”, he said, while explaining that the SC judgment disqualifying Nawaz Sharif clearly lays down the parameters for disqualification.

He said time is not a factor in this case because politicians must always be answerable and accountable to the people.

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Chaudhry was being interviewed regarding his party’s chances and strategy going into the general elections.

Tyrian White, believed to be 26, is the daughter of the late British socialite Sita White. Sita had won a default judgment in a paternity suit against Khan in a Los Angeles court in 1997 after Khan refused to provide DNA samples to prove or disprove paternity. After the verdict, Khan had told US media that he would be willing to submit to a blood test in Pakistan and to stand by the decision of a Pakistani court, arguing that he was not a resident of California or England.


Haji Atiya | 3 years ago | Reply How can this ex CJP do anything, let alone file a case against IK, without his armour-plated cars 'borrowed' from the government at the taxpayers expense ? Boggles the mind !
Farooq Ahmed | 3 years ago | Reply You are irrelevant for the people now, your character was tested and you failed
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