CJP wants advertisement walls demolished in Karachi

Apex court also orders cleaning of nullahs within a month and immediate payment of salaries to teachers

//arshad Baig June 10, 2018
The court ordered demolishing all the walls and submitting a progress report within ten days. PHOTO: IRFAN ALI/ EXPRESS

KARACHI: The Supreme Court (SC) ordered on Saturday to demolish the walls with advertisements on Sharae Faisal and all other thoroughfares of the city within 10 days.

The apex court also banned the construction of walls for the purpose of advertising in future. During a hearing held on the matter at SC's Karachi Registry, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar asked who had constructed the walls.

A petitioner had drawn the attention of the court submitting that walls being erected in various parts of the city, especially in the jurisdiction of cantonment boards, and on thoroughfares to place advertisements. The apex court summoned the chief executive officers of the cantonment boards to explain their position in this regard.

The Karachi Cantonment Board CEO shared that the cantonment boards have issued notices to the advertisement companies.

The CJP said that the notices will not make any difference and action should be taken.

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The applicant said that the construction of a wall in front of the FTC has tarnished the beauty of the city and such walls are being constructed in various places.

The Karachi Cantonment Board CEO stated that a few walls have been constructed for security purposes.

The court ordered demolishing all the walls and submitting a progress report within ten days.

One month given to clean Karachi

The CJP has given a month's deadline to Mayor Wasim Akhtar to get the city's rain drains cleaned.

The top judge said that he would pay a visit to the drains himself to clarify how much work has been done.

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The CJP said that the Sindh government's performance was good and he was pleased. The applicant, Advocate Shahab Osto, said that according to the water commission's orders, work is being done on water schemes.

He said that due to the efforts of the water commission, 33 treatment plants will be functional by June 16, while another 915 schemes will be completed by June, 2019. Osto suggested to extend the tenure of the water commission's chief, Justice (retired) Amir Hani Muslim. Conceding the request, the apex court extended Justice (retd) Muslim's tenure till January, 2019.

The CJP inquired about the condition of nullahs in the metropolis since there was litter everywhere. To this, the mayor said that the condition has gotten better and work being done rapidly to clean the drains.

Giving a month's deadline, the CJP said that strict action will be taken if the cleaning process was not done in time. He said he would pay a visit to the nullahs at the next hearing, which will make it clear on how much work has been done. The court adjourned the hearing till July 1.

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Speaking to the media after the hearing, Akhtar said that the water commission's report has been presented, a plan to clean the nullahs has been formulated and an approval for Rs700 billion has also been granted.

He said that the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) is responsible for the cleanliness. The mayor said that Justice Nisar has ordered them to cooperate with the SSWMB.

"The CJP lauded our work and we will win more votes this time," said the mayor.

SC wants details of govt-owned vehicles

Meanwhile, the apex court summoned details of all the vehicles in a case pertaining to the recovery of government-owned cars.
Advocate-General (AG) Barrister Zamir Ghumro also appeared before the court.

LHC chief justice uses Rs24m government vehicle, SC told

The CJP questioned how many cars have been recovered, to which the AG replied that all the cars have been recovered.

The chief secretary said that cars from the police and several other departments have also been recovered.

The court called for affidavits from all the secretaries of the departments, while the CJP demanded to share information about those who do not possess government-owned cars.

Summoning all the car details from the services secretary, the court asked for the details and conditions of the vehicles.

Withdraw VIP protection

Inspector-General of Police Allah Dino Khowaja appeared before the apex court's Karachi Registry on Saturday and briefed the court on action to withdraw the security provided to VIPs.

The CJP said that security has been provided to 4,000 men. The IG should have some fear of Allah, he said.

The IG shared that securities from all the VIPs had been withdrawn. He said that additional security has been given to the ones who are entitled under the law.

'Solid waste is a treasure, don't waste it'

The CJP said that security should not be granted to people who are not permitted by law.

Speaking to the media after the hearing, Khowaja stated that the provincial government has granted security to those who are facing life threats and a list of those who have been granted the security has been submitted in the SC.

In reply to a question, he said that those who want security should contact the provincial government. He further said that police have not provided any security to former Malir SPP Rao Anwar.

Admission in medical colleges

The hearing of the case pertaining to admission in medical colleges was also held at the SC Karachi Registry where the Federal Investigation Agency Punjab director and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council spokesperson also appeared.

The FIA Punjab director informed the court that Rs75 billion was recovered from the colleges charging extra fee.

The CJP had an interesting conversation with the senior counsel, Makhdoom Ali Khan. The CJP said that though the institutions are appreciating our work, but Khan is not acknowledging it.

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It is being said that the apex court created difficulties by overstepping its authorities, the CJP said. Khan stood up at this lighter remark of the CJP and denied it, saying he had never said such a thing.

The FIA director shared that a few colleges were threatening the students. Ziauddin and several other medical colleges take millions in donations, but the fees is also in millions.

The CJP said that the heads of such colleges be summoned. The FIA director said that few colleges were charging Rs18 million in fees and enrolling local students on seats for international students.

Unpaid teachers

The apex court issued an order to pay the salaries of teachers within two days. After the court's order, teachers who gathered outside the court building chanted slogans in favour of the CJP and against the Sindh government.

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The teachers and staff said that the Sindh government did not pay heed to their cry and complaints, but the CJP heard them and issued orders for the payment of salaries. Around 6,700 teachers in Sindh remain unpaid for the past six years.

Death of children in Thar

The suo motu case hearing pertaining to the death of children in Thar where the Sindh government presented a report of the commissions regarding Thar was taken up by the apex court. The SC ordered that the reports of all the commissions be presented before the next hearing.


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