Surf Excel's #EkNekiRozana paves the way for sustainable cities

Published: June 12, 2018
Surf Excel
Press Release

Surf Excel launched an environmental initiative this Ramazan to make Karachi more sustainable. Building on the concept of sadaqah jariyah, it encouraged individuals to plant trees around them.

We spotted Ahsan Khan, Shaista Lodhi, Nadia Hussain and Saba Mohsin near Surf Excel’s neki tree in Dolmen Mall yesterday. It seems like the brand is taking celebrities on board to promote the idea of #EkNekiRozana.


Kids from Chipa foundation took inspiration from these famous figures as they tied their pledges of kindness to the tree. As we saw the excited kids with bags of seeds in their hands, we wished the effort does not die the moment people step out of the mall.


We hope other brands take up the cause of sustainable living and support Surf Excel in this brave venture for it is the need of the hour.

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