Khadija stabbing case: CJP takes notice of attacker's acquittal by LHC

Published: June 5, 2018
Khadija, 24, a law student and class fellow of the convict, had filed a petition before the court that Shah stabbed her 23 times. PHOTO: TWITTER (@HNiaziSF)

Khadija, 24, a law student and class fellow of the convict, had filed a petition before the court that Shah stabbed her 23 times. PHOTO: TWITTER (@HNiaziSF)

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has taken notice of Lahore High Court’s acquittal of Shah Hussain, the man who was convicted of brutally stabbing law student Khadija Siddiqui two years ago.

Justice Nisar has summoned record of the case from the top court’s Lahore registry branch on June 10, 2018.

On Monday, LHC’s Justice Sardar Ahmad Naeem acquitted the convict of all charges as he accepted his appeal against his five-year reduced imprisonment by an appellate court in March this year. The attacker is the son of Advocate Tanvir Hashmi.

Celebrities demand #JusticeForKhadija amid shocking verdict

On July 29, 2017, Judicial magistrate Mubashir Awan awarded a seven-year jail term to Shah Hussain after finding him guilty of stabbing the victim 23 times. Hussain, who is the son of lawyer Tanvir Hashmi and Khadija’s class fellow, was arrested and sent to jail.

However, an appellate court in March this year had lessened the jail term from seven years to five years.

On May 3, 2016, Khadija went to Davis Road to pick up her sister from a school. When the two were about to get into the car, the convict attacked her. The victim’s younger sister was also injured in the attack. As the assailant tried to flee, Khadija grabbed him and his helmet fell off after, upon which she was able to recognise him.

She said the accused also used to harass her before the incident took place. Khadija’s sister also recorded her statement and recognised Shah Hussain as the assailant in the courtroom.

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Reader Comments (6)

  • Chacha Jee
    Jun 5, 2018 - 9:17PM

    Not enough. CJP should ecplain how this could happen? It is his responsibility to nation Action should be taken if orders were passed for reasons not explainable in LAW. Justice just should not only be done but should be seen to be done. It will picked up by foreign media. It is unislamic pure and simple.Recommend

  • Irshad Khan
    Jun 5, 2018 - 10:27PM

    It is good news that the Chief Justice has taken notice of the verdict in Khadija case. It was an unfair, bias and a wrong decision made by Justice Sardar Ahmed Naeem of the LHC.
    I hope this judge is immediately removed from the bench and he is investigated for making such a one sided and bizarre decision in Khadija case.Recommend

  • Parvez
    Jun 5, 2018 - 11:12PM

    Taking notice is a welcome step…..but doing something QUICKLY would be much better.
    The fact that our criminal justice system is in tatters needs URGENT ATTENTION>Recommend

  • Farah
    Jun 5, 2018 - 11:16PM

    Very excellent step from chief justice , all public are worried after the release of such bad attacker who is involve in such caseRecommend

  • numbersnumbers
    Jun 6, 2018 - 12:39AM

    Throw shoe at someone and get 18 years in jail!
    Brutally stab someone more than 20 times and be acquitted AFTER trial!Recommend

  • numbersnumbers
    Jun 6, 2018 - 1:24AM

    WHY was he acquitted????
    Legal papers with decision have to be available!Recommend

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