China to expedite delivery of 50 fighter jets to Pakistan

Defence minister says Pakistan aiming to receive '50 aircraft in six months' at between $20m and $25 m per aircraft.

Reuters May 20, 2011

BEIJING: China has agreed to expedite the delivery of 50 fighter jets to Pakistan, Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar confirmed on Friday.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has been holding talks with Chinese leaders during a visit that comes as ties with the US have faltered after the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan this month.

Mukhtar told media that Pakistan country was aiming to receive "50 aircraft in six months" from China at between $20 million and $25 million per aircraft.

As the pressure mounts in Washington, Gilani has courted "best friend" China, its biggest arms supplier, during the four-day visit that ended on Friday.

The Wall Street Journal originally quoted an unnamed high-ranking Pakistani Air Force spokesman, in Beijing with Gilani, as saying the jointly developed JF-17 jets would be in addition to another batch of the same aircraft that is currently being assembled in Pakistan.

The JF-17 "Thunder" programme dates back to 1999 and is aimed at reducing Pakistan's dependence on Western companies for advanced fighters.

The jets are a single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft, that Mukhtar said are being jointly produced between China and Pakistan.

"There was a loan given for starting the manufacturing of this because the Chinese will also buy these aircraft," he said on Chinese financing for the order.

The Pakistani Air Force has ordered 150 "Thunders", which it may increase to 250. The 50 mentioned in the report are likely part of the larger order.

In February 2010, Pakistan fielded its first JF-17 squadron with 14 aircraft.


haseeb asghar | 12 years ago | Reply @Mukesh: hey fellow if i m not wrong u look like a philospher why u afraid man and every single time we want to buy or we produce something which scare the hell out of u u cry like baby huh.chill dude its our choice what ever we do what ever we buy who the hell are u to tell us what we have to do what we don't.mind ur buisness if we have to die then keep that thing in mind u too remember this same day back in 1998 hahahahah 28 of may 1998 the day which whole kufars never gonna forget and especially u guys.wait for the final hour.its near and racing towards us!!!!!!
haseeb asghar | 12 years ago | Reply @105: i agree with u in some ways but the language u use it is harsh.i know its our need and our first priorty to be strong.listen ahmed and every muslim brother in this room we can face hunger but we cant face defeat from kufars.where is the young generation,busy in flirting,playing,and wasting ur time doing bad stuff.105 is right china is right now supporting us becaz he is the one who cares about iour country not our leaders
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