Man throws acid on wife, severely burns her head and torso

Published: May 20, 2011
Wanted her to withdraw application 
for divorce.

Wanted her to withdraw application for divorce.


Just days after the government passed a law against acid crimes, a mother of four suffered severe injuries at the hands of her second husband.

Nageena Bibi, 34, was intercepted by Irfan, her husband, outside a house where she was living and working as a maid. He wanted her to withdraw her application for divorce, police said after initial investigations.

“He was a drug addict and unemployed. Nageena wanted divorce but he was reluctant to give her one,” said a police official.

She met Irfan a year ago in a katchi abadi near Shehzad Town, where she had moved some four years back after getting a divorce from her first husband. After marriage, Nageena stopped working as Ifran, a daily wage worker, earned enough to support the both of them.

But everything changed about four months back when Irfan abandoned his work and took up drugs, police said. Nageena tried to deter him from drugs, before filing for divorce two months back.

Police said Irfan approached her as she was coming out of a house she worked at. “He pulled out a bottle of acid and splashed it on her face,” a police official said, adding, “The upper part of her body including her face, chest and shoulders were badly burnt.”

She was taken to Pims, where her condition is described to be stable. Police are looking for Irfan, who is on the run.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 20th, 2011.

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Reader Comments (3)

  • Dr. Zehra Saqlain
    May 20, 2011 - 12:45PM

    Should have a death sentence for people opting the option of throwing acid on their females rather than solving the issues which they themself create. Feels sorry for the women who have to go through this agony when they ask for their rights. Recommend

  • Najib Khan
    May 20, 2011 - 3:40PM

    @Dr. Zehra Saqlain:

    Dr Sahib ,

    I totally disagree with you , the sick minded people like him should be treated & paid back in the same token.

    First their own faces & other body parts should get an acid treatment & then while the rogue has not recovered from the agony of the acid treatment meted out to him at the hands of the law enforcers should be then subjected to a capital punishment of their heads being chopped off.

    this is the right punishment for beasts like them , even a real beast wont do such a irrepairable loss to its own kind / type what these so called human looking animals do.

    Poor woman I wish she can come back to normalcy .


    NK Recommend

  • Doc
    May 21, 2011 - 12:13AM

    I was treating Nagina at Polyclinic before shifting her to the Burn Center at PIMS. PIMS said that a lot of damage can be prevented by quickly washing it away with water or 19L of Saline. Sadly there are no showers or tubs there to wash out acid. I took her to the bathroom and had a drip bottle cut to make a cup with it. I told her friend to keep on pouring water over her with it. Im going to see if I can do anything about installing a shower by forwarding a letter next week. If there is anyone willing to help me, let me know. Any advise will be great.

    Also PIMS said they only have limited beds. I believe 18 only. They said they will try to give her priority despite a waiting list. Everyday around 20-24 admissions come daily there. Later on that night at Poly we had 3 fire burn patients and we referred them to PIMS. I dont think they got a bed sadly. We have to do something about this. Can we fundraise or ask the Government for more? Our beautiful gov’t has helped us out so much that i forget that I am one of those not being paid. Still I want to help. So, is it possible we can fundraise? For Poly and PIMS. Its really difficult to see any patient burnt by fire or acid.

    Please disregard any typos.Recommend

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