"Banned organisations should not be supported"

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer said on Saturday that banned militant organisations should not be given any support.

Express May 29, 2010

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer said on Saturday that banned militant organisations should not be given any support in any context.

The governor made these comments during a visit to Services Hospital to meet with the injured from Friday's attack.

Taseer said that criminal elements do not deserve any leniency and that the convicted terrorists should be hanged.

Commenting on the police's operations against militants on Friday, the governor said that they fought bravely and proved that they could tackle terrorism despite their limited resources.


Zakaria Nutkani | 13 years ago | Reply Agreeing with Taseer and being apologetic to Punjab government is something quite disturbing and dubious. It is know fact that Punjab govt is friendly to extremists and they openly instigate the terrorists to go scot free and inflict disaster anywhere except for their political base(GT Road). But the evil has its own design. For terrorists, it is secondary whether their well wishers and supporters' political face of democracy and judiciary is at stake if such attacks are committed inside their domain of politics. Previously it was MMA that nourished and protected Terrorists under the guise of politics and democracy and now it is PML-N that is doing the same job.Awarding party tickets to proclaimed extremists and sectarian warlord and unwillingness to bring evidence against another father of extremist,reflects how PML-N looks at issue of extremism, terrorism and sectarianism. Hypocrisy and allegiance to undemocratic and rightist policies of civil-military bureaucracy has become the glaring trait of Punjab government.
Ahmedeen | 13 years ago | Reply Has Taseer or any other PPP leader (or Bhutto family member) apologized for Bhutto's amendments to the constitution that declared Ahmedis as nonmuslims? Isn't that the first step that created this mess?
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