Nawaz should be tried under Article 6: Musharraf

Sayst former premier's statement holding the establishment and army responsible was extremely disappointing

News Desk May 15, 2018
The former president as seen in his video. SCREEN GRAB

Former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Monday stated that holding the establishment and the army responsible was extremely disappointing, in reaction to former premier Nawaz Sharif’s statements about the Mumbai attacks in a video message released from the United Arab Emirates.

In the message, he derided Nawaz for his comments about the country’s involvement in the 2008 attacks which took the lives of around 160 people, saying that Nawaz should be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution for his comments. He also called the former prime minister a traitor for defaming Pakistan on the world stage.

Petition to initiate treason case against Nawaz submitted in LHC

Musharraf went on to talk about the Kargil War, blaming withdrawal of the Pakistan Army on Nawaz. Elaborating on the war and its happenings, he said that Pakistan was in a dominating position in five different regions in the war, and that the then-prime minister was briefed on the situation at least two times, rejecting the ex-prime minister’s claims that he was not taken into confidence about the withdrawal.

“He kept asking me whether we should withdraw,” said Musharraf in his statement. The former president also said that then-senator Raja Zafarul Haq and interior minister of the time Chaudhry Shujaat had opposed the withdrawal of the army. But, he said that the order to withdraw was handed after Nawaz visited the United States where he was put under pressure by the Indian government.

"He blamed the whole thing on me," Musharraf exclaimed.

The message was released as a response to Nawaz’s allegations about the involvement of “non-state actors” in the Mumbai attack.


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