Three-hour firefight kills 2 police, 15 militants near Peshawar

Around 100 militants attacked a security checkpost in the Sangu Mera area north of Peshawar.

Express May 18, 2011

Around 100 militants attacked a security checkpost on Wednesday morning, in the Sangu Mera area north of Peshawar, killing two security officials. Retaliatory fire from the security forces killed  15 militants, including one militant commander.

Express 24/7 correspondent Iftikhar Firdous reports that the militants from the adjacent Bara area of Khyber Agency attacked the checkpost located 10km north of Peshawar. Security forces retaliated and the exchange of fire lasted for more than three hours until the attackers retreated.

The clash resulted in the death of one elite force constable, Zahid, and one FC security official Zahiq Shah. According to the Peshawar police chief, five other security officials were injured.



cautious | 10 years ago | Reply Unfortunate loss of soldiers - perhaps the militants have decided that they will no longer give give soldiers permission to enter their territory - maybe they have decided your violating their sovereignty?
A J Khan | 10 years ago | Reply May God bless Elite force constable, Zahid and FC security official Zahiq Shah for laying down their lives so that others can live. Hats off to all those who are sacrificing their today for the future of this ill-fated country. A point to ponder. Are these lives less valuable than those of the robbers(Bureaucrats) sitting in their offices and still pillaging this country. They should be made answerable for their bad deeds otherwise these sacrifices will go waste. The blood of these shaheeds will be desecrate.
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