Iqra Aziz gets legal notice for allegedly breaching contract

PR mogul, Fahad Hussain stated that the actor was already signed with his agency

Shaheera Anwar May 07, 2018

KARACHI: Pakistani PR mogul Fahad Hussain, head of Citrus Talent, has sent a legal notice to Pakistani TV actor Iqra Aziz for breaching her contract with his firm.

In a Facebook post, Hussain said that Aziz breached an agreement that states the latter has to solely work in projects approved by the talent agency. She has, however, allegedly gone against the signed contract and locked a deal with another PR agency headed by Maida Azmat, despite being reminded of the first contract repeatedly.

Hussain wrote, "Its disappointing to know that someone like Aziz can cheat us like this for greed."

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He added that it was his agency that gave Aziz her first project and also mentioned that the actor did multiple activities that were offered to her through the agency that helped build her career.

The PR head also shared, "Aziz signed a contract with Citrus Talent at her own free will on June 14, 2017. The contract only granted us exclusive rights to represent her for all activities."

Hussain revealed that he wouldn't have taken this drastic step if Aziz had not betrayed his agency and discussed the project beforehand. He explained, "Azmat was informed about the exclusivity on April 28 but she still went ahead and filmed with Aziz on May 2. This clearly indicates that Azmat knew, before the shoot, that Aziz was in a contract with us. Aziz kept asking me for a copy of the contract."

Hussain further added that people might think he's putting it out on social media for a public agenda but they have represented Aziz before her career kicked off. "Citrus Talent always supported her and, many times, paid her in advance out of our pockets as she needed the money for personal needs, which was against our company policy."

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Hussain said, "I don't understand how contracts can be taken so lightly. Aziz has signed multiple TV dramas through Citrus Talent and we never charged her a commission fee for those as our main focus is TV commercials."

He said this case won't affect him in any negative way since he has been in the industry for over a decade and people know of his work and work ethics. "I haven't ever faced such a problem with anyone in the past and I'm really surprised that this is happening with me now. Azmat is a friend of mine as well so I feel betrayed as I was not informed they would be doing a project together. I wouldn't have stopped Aziz but I feel it should have been discussed with me."

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A legal notice has been sent to Aziz, demanding payment of damages to the company.

The Express Tribune has contacted Aziz and is currently awaiting a response. This is a developing story and will be updated shortly.

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