India takes 142 terrorists off wanted list

Those cleared include various heads of Sikh extremist groups.

May 17, 2011


The Hindustan Times reported that the Indian Government had decided to clear 142 people previously on the country’s wanted list.

Those cleared include various heads of Sikh extremist groups. According to Sunday’s report, these former terrorists are currently based in Pakistan, US, Canada, Norway, France and Germany. They can now move freely, even return home to India. Indian Home Ministry said that the names were cleared in two phases after consultations with the Pujab government and security agencies. Out of 169 cases reviewed, 25 names were cleared last August while 117 names were struck out last month. The Indian Home Ministry took the decision following a Delhi High Court order on February 9. The order directed the Ministry to take a decision based on a petition pleading that the list of 169 Sikhs should be reviewed as it had led to “unnecessary harassment” for numerous individuals at different airports and embassies across the world after the Indian Government refused to renew their passports.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 17th, 2011.


nj | 10 years ago | Reply @Usman Ghani: How about the efficiency of ISI!!! the spy agencies are never efficient iin anything but only in confusing; creating confusion is an effective strategy for the spies; let Indians be worried about their inefficiencies, you take care of Pakistan's latest world famous FIASCO!!
Usman Ghani | 10 years ago | Reply it again proves the in efficiency of indian intelligence agency...they never get hold of the real terrorist which are actualy present in their parliament...n they always happend to arrest the common people who might not even know the exact meaning of terrorism....hahahah....hats of to u, MISS INDIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES...
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