Pakistan to provide training to army troops of Islamic countries

Published: April 20, 2018


KARACHI  : Pakistan has expressed its willingness to provide modern training, technical assistance and necessary resources to the army troops of military alliance of Islamic countries to deal with terrorists.

Pakistan will cooperate in the matter keeping in view its national security policy. The prime minister will approve the measure after consulting with the military leadership. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have had detailed discussions on the reorganisation and coordination in the Islamic military alliance. Saudi Arabia has recently requested Pakistan to play its role in the upgradation of the alliance at par with today’s requirements. Pakistan’s role is considered to be important.

Sources in the federal government said that the contacts between the two brotherly countries have been active. Pakistan has played a role in reducing tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran on diplomatic level. It is still continuing its efforts to further reduce the tension between them.

Sources said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have agreed to further their relations in different fields during the recent visit to Saudi by the Pakistani leadership.

Contingent of troops sent to Saudi Arabia: ISPR

Saudi Arabia said that it will stand by Pakistan in difficult times. Pakistan has also told Saudi Arabia that Pakistan will extend all possible cooperation for the security of the Holy Kaba and all other holy places and for internal security of the kingdom.

Sources told that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have agreed to make a comprehensive policy to protect all the countries included in the Islamic military alliance from the threats of terrorism. Saudi Arabia will devise a strategy for this in consultation with other countries that are part of the alliance. Coordination will be improved on land, at sea and in air.

Sources said that the two countries also discussed challenges faced by the Ummah and the ways to deal with them. The OIC will be activated in consultation with the member countries. Pakistan said that it will not take part in any action against any Islamic country. It will try to include more Islamic countries in the alliance as well. Soon a meeting of the member countries will be called after they agree to a schedule.

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